Index of CK 0000-0999

Names marked with (*) are qualified guesses and not 100% certain.

CK 0000 The Fall Guy: “Mighty Myron” (Heather Thomas)
CK 0001 Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (unknown)
CK 0002 RoboCop: “Sisters in Crime” (Andrea Roth, Yvette Nipar)
CK 0003 Betty Boop – Jack and the Beanstalk (voice by Ann Little)
CK 0004 Are You Being Served: “Is It Catching?” (Wendy Richard, Vivienne Johnson)
CK 0005 Moonraker (Lois Chiles)
CK 0006 Double Whoopee (Jean Harlow)
CK 0007 Are You Being Served: “Closed Circuit” (Wendy Richard, Vivienne Johnson)
CK 0008 Octopussy (Maud Adams)
CK 0009 Are You Being Served: “Conduct Unbecoming” (Wendy Richard, Candy Davis)
CK 0010 Shooter (Kate Mara)
CK 0011 Once Upon a Time S2E20 (Lana Parrilla)
CK 0012 Once Upon a Time S2E21 (Lana Parrilla)
CK 0013 Are You Being Served: “Take-over” (Penny Irving)
CK 0014 Burn Notice S6E9 (Gabrielle Anwar, Angelica Celaya)
CK 0015 RoboCop: “Trouble in Delta City” (Yvette Nipar)
CK 0016 Sgt Kabukiman NYPD, 1 (Susan Byun, unknown)
CK 0017 Sgt Kabukiman NYPD, 2 (Susan Byun, Shaler McClure et. al.)
CK 0018 Are You Being Served: “The Agent” (Penny Irving, Vivienne Johnson)
CK 0019 Castle S5E18 (Cara Buono)
CK 0020 Mark of Zorro (Marguerite De La Motte)
CK 0021 American Horror Story S1E1 (Alexandra Breckenridge)
CK 0022 Are You Being Served: “Erotic Dreams of Mrs Slocombe” (Penny Irving, Vivienne Johnson)
CK 0023 Lust for Freedom, 1 (Adrian Scott, Melanie Coll)
CK 0024 Lust for Freedom, 2 (Melanie Coll, unknown)
CK 0025 Lust for Freedom, 3 (Melanie Coll, Elizabeth Carroll)
CK 0026 Are You Being Served: “Memories Are Made of This” (Candy Davis)
CK 0027 No Tell Motel (Chalie Howes)
CK 0028 My Super Ex-Girlfriend, 1 (Uma Thurman)
CK 0029 My Super Ex-Girlfriend, 2 (Uma Thurman, Anna Faris)
CK 0030 My Super Ex-Girlfriend, 3 (Uma Thurman, Anna Faris)
CK 0031 RoboCop: “RoboCop Vs Commander Cash” (*Lisa Howard)
CK 0032 Saw VI (Caroline Cave et al.)
CK 0033 The Kenny Everett Television Show S3E3 (unknown)
CK 0034 An Amish Murder (Neve Campbell)
CK 0035 RoboCop: “Zone Five” (Yvette Nipar)
CK 0036 Are You Being Served: “Happy Returns” (Wendy Richard et al.)
CK 0037 Belle de Jour, 1 (Catherine Deneuve, Maria Latour, Francoise Fabian)
CK 0038 Belle de Jour, 2 (Catherine Deneuve, Francoise Fabian)
CK 0039 Belle de Jour, 3 (Catherine Deneuve, Maria Latour, Francoise Fabian)
CK 0040 Are You Being Served: “Mrs Slocombe Expects” (Wendy Richard, Pat Astley, unknown)
CK 0041 The Nanny: “Christmas Episode” (Fran Drescher)
CK 0042 Relic Hunter S1E7: “Transformation”, 1 (Roberta Angelica)
CK 0043 Are You Being Served: “Heir Apparent” (Debbie Linden)
CK 0044 The Nanny: “Imaginary Friend” (Fran Drescher, Cristine Rose)
CK 0045 Spider-Man 3, 1 (unknown, Kirsten Dunst)
CK 0046 Spider-Man 3, 2 (Kirsten Dunst)
CK 0047 On the Buses S2E3: “Self Defence” (Avril Gaynor, Ursula Mohan)
CK 0048 Are You Being Served: “Calling All Customers” (Candy Davis)
CK 0049 Special Inspector (Rita Hayworth)
CK 0050 Prison Break S1E11: “And Then There Was 7” (Robin Tunney)
CK 0051 Are You Being Served: “Monkey Business” (Candy Davis)
CK 0052 Are You Being Served: “Lost and Found” (Candy Davis)
CK 0053 Chuck S1E3: “Chuck Vs the Tango” (Yvonne Strahovski)
CK 0054 Chuck S1E13: “Chuck Vs the Marlin” (Yvonne Strahovski, Noureen DeWulf)
CK 0055 Chuck S1E2: “Chuck Vs the Helicopter” (Yvonne Strahovski)
CK 0056 Monty Python’s Flying Circus s2E2: “The Spanish Inquistion” (Carol Cleveland)
CK 0057 Resident Evil: Extinction (Milla Jovovich)
CK 0058 RoboCop: “Nano” (Yvette Nipar)
CK 0059 Chuck S1E9: “Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami” (Yvonne Strahovski)
CK 0060 Are You Being Served: “Grounds for Divorce” (Candy Davis)
CK 0061 The Mad Butcher (Franca Polesello)
CK 0062 Executive Target, 1 (Kathy Christopherson, unknown)
CK 0063 Executive Target, 2 (Kathy Christopherson, *Michele Colucci-Zieger)
CK 0064 Are You Being Served: “Goodbye, Mrs. Slocombe” (Wendy Richard)
CK 0065 Are You Being Served: “The Hold-up” (Wendy Richard)
CK 0066 Grace and Favour S1E1 (Joanne Heywood)
CK 0067 Are You Being Served: “Gambling Fever” (Candy Davis, Wendy Richard)
CK 0068 Rizzoli and Isles S3E2: “Dirty Little Secret” (Angie Harmon)
CK 0069 Red Rock West (Lara Flynn Boyle)
CK 0070 House at the End of the Street, 1 (Jordan Hayes, Jennifer Lawrence)
CK 0071 House at the End of the Street, 2 (Jennifer Lawrence)
CK 0072 Peter Gunn: “A Penny Saved” (Joyce Vanderveen)
CK 0073 Are You Being Served: “The Night Club” (Candy Davis, Wendy Richard, Doremy Vernon)
CK 0074 Даша Васильева. Любительница частного сыска S?E? (unknown)
CK 0075 Nancy Drew (Emmy Roberts)
CK 0076 Are You Being Served: “Front Page Story” (Vivienne Johnson, Debbie Linden)
CK 0077 The Halfway House, 1 (Ashley Rhea, Monica Shere, Athena Demos)
CK 0078 The Halfway House, 2 (Stephanie Leighs, Janet Tracy Keijser)
CK 0079 Flash Gordon: “Planet of Death” (Irene Champlin)
CK 0080 Deadline (Nynne Bjerre Christensen)
CK 0081 American Horror Story S1E2 (Rosa Salazar, Connie Britton, Taissa Farmiga)
CK 0082 Are You Being Served: “Friends and Neighbours” (Candy Davis, Wendy Richard)
CK 0083 True Lies, 1 (Jamie Lee Curtis)
CK 0084 True Lies, 2 (Jamie Lee Curtis)
CK 0085 Hansel and Gretel, 1 (Stephanie Greco)
CK 0086 Hansel and Gretel, 2 (Stephanie Greco, Trish Coren)
CK 0087 Hansel and Gretel, 3 (Stephanie Greco, Sarah Fletcher)
CK 0088 Ginger, 1 (unknown)
CK 0089 Ginger, 2 (unknown)
CK 0090 Ginger, 3 (Cheri Caffaro)
CK 0091 Ginger, 4 (Cheri Caffaro)
CK 0092 The Two Ronnies: “Band of Slaves”, 1 (unknown)
CK 0093 The Two Ronnies: “Band of Slaves”, 2 (unknown)
CK 0094 The Two Ronnies: “Band of Slaves”, 3 (unknown)
CK 0095 Son of the Beach: “The Long Hot Johnson” (Jamie Bergman, Leila Arcieri, Kimberly Oja)
CK 0096 Desperately Seeking Susan, 1 (Madonna)
CK 0097 Resident Evil: Afterlife (Ali Larter)
CK 0098 The Lady Vanishes (Catherine Lacey)
CK 0099 At Risk (Andie MacDowell)

CK 0100 Ghoulies IV, 1 (Stacie Randall, Raquel Krelle)
CK 0101 Ghoulies IV, 2 (Raquel Krelle)
CK 0102 Александровский сад S1E4 (unknown)
CK 0103 The Vampire Diaries S3E12 (Nina Dobrev, Persia White)
CK 0104 RoboCop: “Mother’s Day” (unknown)
CK 0105 En Nombre del Amor S?E? (unknown)
CK 0106 Карпов E27, 1 (unknown)
CK 0107 Карпов E27, 2 (unknown)
CK 0108 След E32 (unknown)
CK 0109 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 1 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0110 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 2 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0111 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 3 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0112 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 4 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0113 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 5 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0114 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 6 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0115 De Taali (Rimi Sen, Ayesha Takia)
CK 0116 Peter Gunn: “Death Is a Sore Loser” (unknown)
CK 0117 Are You Being Served: “It Pays to Advertise” (Penny Irving, Wendy Richard, Vivienne Johnson)
CK 0118 Are You Being Served: “The Club” (Vivienne Johnson et al.)
CK 0119 Tales from the Crypt: “Mute Witness to Murder”, 1 (Patricia Clarkson)
CK 0120 Tales from the Crypt: “Mute Witness to Murder”, 2 (Patricia Clarkson)
CK 0121 RoboCop: “Inside Crime”
CK 0122 RoboCop: “Corporate Raiders” (unknown)
CK 0123 RoboCop: “Midnight Minus One” (Sherry Miller, unknown)
CK 0124 Are You Being Served: “The Junior” (Penny Irving, Vivienne Johnson)
CK 0125 The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes S2E6
CK 0126 The Strange and Deadly Occurrence (Margaret Willock)
CK 0127 The Detectives: “What the Butler Saw”
CK 0128 “AIDS spot” (unknown)
CK 0129 The Abbott and Costello Show S2E6: “Killer’s Wife” (Mary Beth Hughes)
CK 0130 Dadnapped, 1 (Emily Osment, Nenetzi Scott)
CK 0131 Dadnapped, 2 (Emily Osment)
CK 0132 Desperately Seeking Susan, 2 (Rosanna Arquette, Madonna)
CK 0133 Ruthless People, 1 (Bette Midler)
CK 0134 Ruthless People, 2 (Anita Morris)
CK 0135 Josie and the Pussycats (Missi Pyle, Rosario Dawson, Tara Reid, Parker Posey)
CK 0136 The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear (Priscilla Presley)
CK 0137 Werewolf Shadow (Gaby Fuchs)
CK 0138 The New Statesman: “Live from Westminster” (unknown)
CK 0139 Xena Warrior Princess: “Warrior, Princess, Tramp” (Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor)
CK 0140 Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens tegn, 1 (Anna Bergman)
CK 0141 Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens tegn, 2 (Anna Bergman)
CK 0142 The Three Musketeers (2012), 1
CK 0143 The Three Musketeers (2012), 2
CK 0144 Deadline (unknown)
CK 0145 Grace and Favour S2E2 (Joanne Heywood et al.)
CK 0146 Grace and Favour S2E5 (Joanne Heywood)
CK 0147 Weeds S8E2: “A Beam of Sunshine”, 1 (unknown)
CK 0148 Weeds S8E2: “A Beam of Sunshine”, 2 (Kat Foster)
CK 0149 Tales from the Crypt: “The Thing from the Grave” (Teri Hatcher)
CK 0150 Prison Break S1E3: “Cell Test” (Adina Porter)
CK 0151 Thomas Skovs sportsprogram: “Roller derby” (Le Gammeltoft)
CK 0152 Batman S1E24: “Give ’em the Axe”
CK 0153 Night Court S9E18: “To Sir With… Ah, What the Heck… Love”
CK 0154 Frankenstein: Day of the Beast
CK 0155 Help! (Eleanor Bron)
CK 0156 Night Court S9E21: “Opportunity Knock Knocks, Part 2” (unknown)
CK 0157 Chuck S5E8: “Chuck Vs. the Baby” (Yvonne Strahovski)
CK 0158 Deadline (Camilla Thorning)
CK 0159 American Horror Story S1E3 (Alexandra Breckenridge, Abbie Cobb)
CK 0160 Animal House, 1
CK 0161 Animal House, 2
CK 0162 Are You Being Served: “Shedding the Load”
CK 0163 Are You Being Served: “A Bliss Girl” (Vivienne Johnson et al.)
CK 0164 Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland, 1 (Kim Wall, Pamela Springsteen)
CK 0165 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S1E9: “Spidey Goes to Hollywood” (unknown)
CK 0166 Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland, 2 (Pamela Springsteen, Sonya Maddox, Tracy Griffith)
CK 0167 Michael Shayne S1E13: “Murder in Wonderland” (Patricia Donahue)
CK 0168 Revenge S1E22: “Reckoning” (Emily VanCamp)
CK 0169 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E1 (“Pilot”)
CK 0170 Deadline (Nynne Bjerre Christensen)
CK 0171 Carry On Camping (Barbara Windsor et al.)
CK 0172 2001: A Space Travesty, 1
CK 0173 2001: A Space Travesty, 2
CK 0174 Alphas S2E3: “Alpha Dogs” (Erin Wray)
CK 0175 Steel Trap (Joanna Bobin, Julia Ballard, Georgia Mackenzie)
CK 0176 9½ Ninjas, 1 (Andee Gray)
CK 0177 9½ Ninjas, 2 (Andee Gray)
CK 0178 9½ Ninjas, 3 (Andee Gray)
CK 0179 Noi donne siamo fatte cosi’ (Monica Vitti)
CK 0180 The New Statesman: “Fatal Extraction” (unknown)
CK 0181 Foxy Brown (Pam Grier)
CK 0182 Bless the Child (Kim Basinger)
CK 0183 Revolution S1E8: “Ties That Bind” (Alyssa Diaz)
CK 0184 Batman S1E28: “The Pharaoh’s in a Rut” (Ziva Rodann)
CK 0185 Águila Roja S5E14
CK 0186 Batman S1E29: “The Bookworm Turns” (Francine York)
CK 0187 Batman S1E30: “While Gotham City Burns” (Francine York)
CK 0188 Счастливых вместе E184 (Natalya Bochkareva, Yulia Zaharova)
CK 0189 Spider-Man 2 (Kirsten Dunst)
CK 0190 The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (Kathy Shower)
CK 0191 The New Statesman: “Three Line Whipping” (Judith Hibbert)
CK 0192 Three Days of the Condor (Faye Dunaway)
CK 0193 The Sphinx (Sheila Terry)
CK 0194 The Uncanny, 1 (Susan Penhaligon)
CK 0195 The Uncanny, 2 (Catherine Bégin, Samantha Eggar)
CK 0196 Ritual (Jennifer Grey)
CK 0197 Champagnegalopp, 1 (Sue Longhurst)
CK 0198 Champagnegalopp, 2 (Sue Longhurst)
CK 0199 Champagnegalopp, 3 (Sue Longhurst)

CK 0200 Xena Warrior Princess: “The Giant Killer” (Renée O’Connor)
CK 0201 Agent 69 Jensen i skyttens tegn (unknown)
CK 0202 Deathstalker 3 (Terri Treas)
CK 0203 Homeland S3E2 (Claire Danes)
CK 0204 Falling Skies S3E4: “At All Costs” (Luvia Petersen)
CK 0205 Batman: “Death in Slow Motion” & “The Riddler’s False Notion” (Sherry Jackson, unknown)
CK 0206 Счастливых вместе E148-150, 153 (Darya Sagalova)
CK 0207 Счастливых вместе E160, 164, 169 (Darya Sagalova)
CK 0208 Счастливых вместе E171-173 (Darya Sagalova)
CK 0209 Something in the Wind (Deanna Durbin)
CK 0210 Deadline (Nynne Bjerre Christensen)
CK 0211 Relic Hunter S1E7: “Transformation”, 2
CK 0212 Batman: “Hot Off the Griddle” & “The Cat and the Fiddle” (Julie Newmar, unknown)
CK 0213 Paul Blart: Mall Cop, 1 (Jayma Mays, Natascha Hopkins)
CK 0214 Paul Blart: Mall Cop, 2 (Jayma Mays)
CK 0215 The Detectives: “Art Attack”
CK 0216 XIII the Series S2E5: “Joust” (Roxane Mesquida)
CK 0217 XIII the Series S2E6: “Gauntlet” (Roxane Mesquida)
CK 0218 The Art of Noise – Peter Gunn (unknown)
CK 0219 2 Guns (Paula Patton)
CK 0220 Guyver: Dark Hero (unknown)
CK 0221 Weird Science: “Killer Party” & “The Most Dangerous Wish” (Vanessa Angel)
CK 0222 Soap S1E15 (Dinah Manoff)
CK 0223 Soap S2E2 (Katherine Helmond)
CK 0224 Soap S1E19 (Jennifer Salt)
CK 0225 For Your Eyes Only (Carole Bouquet, Jill Bennett)
CK 0226 True Blood S5E8, 1
CK 0227 True Blood S5E8, 2
CK 0228 Кукловоды, 1 (unknown)
CK 0229 Кукловоды, 2 (unknown)
CK 0230 Кукловоды, 3 (unknown)
CK 0231 Кукловоды, 4 (unknown)
CK 0232 Кукловоды, 5 (unknown)
CK 0233 Sons of Anarchy S5E13: “J’ai Obtenu Cette” (Maggie Siff)
CK 0234 A Mind to Kill: “Bloodline” (Noni Lewis)
CK 0235 Battle in Seattle (Michelle Rodriguez, Connie Nielsen)
CK 0236 Betty Boop – Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (voice by Bonnie Poe)
CK 0237 Blazing Saddles (Madeline Kahn)
CK 0238 Duck Dodgers: “The Wrath of Canasta” (unknown)
CK 0239 Analyze That (Callie Thorne)
CK 0240 The Bullfighters (Carol Andrews)
CK 0241 Casino Royale (Daliah Lavi)
CK 0242 The Cat and the Canary (Carol Lynley)
CK 0243 Chuck S5E7
CK 0244 ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (Mimi Michaels, Allison Kyler)
CK 0245 The Coroner (Jane Longenecker)
CK 0246 Diagnosis Murder: “Murder with Mirrors” (Emma Samms)
CK 0247 Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (Regina Carrol)
CK 0248 Dragon Wars (Amanda Brooks)
CK 0249 Dutch Treat
CK 0250 French and Saunders S5E4 (Patsy Kensit)
CK 0251 Fear Runs Silent, 1
CK 0252 Fear Runs Silent, 2
CK 0253 Full Moon High, 1
CK 0254 Full Moon High, 2
CK 0255 Fire with Fire (Rosario Dawson)
CK 0256 Ghostbusters 2, 1 (Annie Potts)
CK 0257 Ghostbusters 2, 2 (Sigourney Weaver)
CK 0258 Golden Balls (Elisa Touati)
CK 0259 Haven S3E12: “Reunion”
CK 0260 The Kenny Everett Television Show S3E8
CK 0261 Love at Stake, 1
CK 0262 Love at Stake, 2
CK 0263 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: “The Quest of the Red Skull” (Kathy Garver)
CK 0264 Suzy Kane (unknown)
CK 0265 Río de Pasiones, 1 (unknown)
CK 0266 Río de Pasiones, 2 (unknown)
CK 0267 Decisiones E? (unknown)
CK 0268 Sortilegio E? (unknown)
CK 0269 Back to the Future: The Game (voice by Rebecca Schweitzer)
CK 0270 The Killing Zone (Melissa Moore)
CK 0271 Revenge of the Radioactive Reporter (Kathryn Boese)
CK 0272 Teen Wolf: “Icepick” (Crystal Reed)
CK 0273 Zombie Flesh Eaters
CK 0274 Así es la vida, 1 (unknown)
CK 0275 Así es la vida, 2 (unknown)
CK 0276 Nothing Left to Fear (Jennifer Stone)
CK 0277 In the Time of the Butterflies
CK 0278 Chuck S5E9: “Chuck Versus the Kept Man” (Carrie-Anne Moss)
CK 0279 Duck Dodgers: “Win, Lose, Or Duck”
CK 0280 Duck Dodgers: “Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace, part 2”
CK 0281 Monte Carlo (Selena Gomez)
CK 0282 Take a Letter Mr. Jones S1E1: “The Interview” (Gina Maher et al.)
CK 0283 Breaking Bad S5E2 & S5E15 (Anna Gunn, Laura Fraser)
CK 0284 Once Upon a Time in Mexico (Salma Hayek)
CK 0285 Acorn Antiques (Rosie Collins, Victoria Wood)
CK 0286 Agent Beetle (unknown)
CK 0287 Assault on Dome 4 (Jocelyn Seagrave)
CK 0288 Barbarian Queen, 1 (Dawn Dunlap, unknown)
CK 0289 Barbarian Queen, 2 (Lana Clarkson, Susana Traverso)
CK 0290 Batman: “Batman Is Riled” (Nancy Kovak)
CK 0291 Batman: “Holy Rat Race” (Myrna Fahey)
CK 0292 Batman: “The Penguin’s a Jinx”
CK 0293 Baywatch: Hawaiian Reunion, 1 (Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Nicole Eggert)
CK 0294 Baywatch: Hawaiian Reunion, 2 (Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Nicole Eggert)
CK 0295 Carry On Up the Jungle (Joan Sims)
CK 0296 Carry On Spying (Barbara Windsor et al.)
CK 0297 Carry On Nurse (Stephanie Schiller)
CK 0298 The Chair, 1 (Lauren Roy)
CK 0299 The Chair, 2 (Alanna Chisholm)

CK 0300 Criminal Minds S6E7: “Middle Man” (Cherilyn Wilson)
CK 0301 Batman: “He Meets His Match, the Grizzly Ghoul”
CK 0302 Batman: “The Thirteenth Hat”
CK 0303 Batman: “True Or False-Face” (Myrna Fahey)
CK 0304 Batman: “Zelda the Great” & “A Death Worse than Fate” (Anne Baxter, Madge Blake)
CK 0305 Coogan’s Run E3: “Handyman for All Seasons” (Louise Delamere)
CK 0306 Coogan’s Run E5: “Natural Born Quizzers” (Rebecca Front)
CK 0307 Derrick: “Zeichen der Gewalt” (Gaby Dohm)
CK 0308 Devlerin aski (Turkan Soray)
CK 0309 District 13, 1 (Dany Verissimo)
CK 0310 District 13, 2 (Dany Verissimo)
CK 0311 The Walking Dead S1E2
CK 0312 Justified S1E2
CK 0313 Carry On Constable (Jill Adams)
CK 0314 The Adventures Of Ellery Queen: “Death Spins a Wheel” (Evelyn Ward)
CK 0315 Eastbound and Down S1E5 (Gina Gershon)
CK 0316 Breaking Bad S5E5
CK 0317 Batman: “The Greatest Mother of Them All” (Lyzanne La Due)
CK 0318 Batman: “The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes, Part 1” (Eileen O’Neill)
CK 0319 La Jaula, 1 (unknown)
CK 0320 La Jaula, 2 (unknown)
CK 0321 Colossus and the Amazon Queen (Gianna Maria Canale et al.)
CK 0322 Conan the Adventurer: “Heir Apparent” (Amanda Wilmshurst)
CK 0323 Conan the Adventurer: “Red Sonja”
CK 0324 Justine – Seduction of Innocence, 1 (Daneen Boone)
CK 0325 Justine – Seduction of Innocence, 2 (Daneen Boone)
CK 0326 Justine – Seduction of Innocence, 3 (Daneen Boone)
CK 0327 Man of the House (Kelli Garner, Vanessa Ferlito, Monica Keena, Paula Garcés, Christina Milian)
CK 0328 Married… with Children: “I Want My Psycho Dad, Part 2” (Katey Sagal, Amanda Bearse)
CK 0329 Nikita S3E18
CK 0330 Nikita S3E20 (Melinda Clarke et al.)
CK 0331 Nash Bridges: “Home Invasion” (Wendolyn Lee et al.)
CK 0332 Nash Bridges: “Skirt Chasers” (Melora Walters)
CK 0333 След E111 (unknown)
CK 0334 Son of Zorro E3 (Peggy Stewart)
CK 0335 Aspe S1E5
CK 0336 Bread Crumbs, 1 (Kristina Klebe, Zoe Sloane)
CK 0337 Bread Crumbs, 2 (Marianne Hagan)
CK 0338 Family Guy: “Blue Harvest” (voice by Alex Borstein)
CK 0339 Duck Dodgers: “The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck” (voice by Amy Brassette)
CK 0340 Duck Dodgers: “Good Duck Hunting” (voice by Paget Brewster)
CK 0341 Mission Istaanbul: Darr Ke Aagey Jeet Hai! (Shriya Saran)
CK 0342 Ripper Street S2E3: “Become Man” (MyAnna Buring et al.)
CK 0343 Take a Letter Mr. Jones: “The Trade Fair” (Rula Lenska)
CK 0344 The Fanatic, 1 (Sharon Hughes)
CK 0345 The Fanatic, 2 (Caroline Munro)
CK 0346 The Fear Chamber, 1 (unknown)
CK 0347 The Fear Chamber, 2 (Eva Muller)
CK 0348 Seinfeld: “The Subway” (Barbara Stock)
CK 0349 I Don’t Scare (Popeye)
CK 0350 Once Upon a Time S1E22 (Lana Parrilla)
CK 0351 Misfits S2E6 (Antonia Thomas, unknown)
CK 0352 Scarab (unknown)
CK 0353 The Adventures of Champion S1E21: “Andrew and the Deadly Double” (Mary Jane Saunders)
CK 0354 Elvira – Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0355 Elvira’s Haunted Hills, 1 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0356 Elvira’s Haunted Hills, 2 (Cassandra Peterson, Mary Jo Smith, Mary Scheer)
CK 0357 Shoot to Kill, 1 (Kirstie Alley)
CK 0358 Shoot to Kill, 2 (Kirstie Alley)
CK 0359 Unlawful Entry (Madeleine Stowe)
CK 0360 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (Louise Campbell)
CK 0361 Bulldog Drummond Escapes (Heather Angel)
CK 0362 Enter the Ninja (Susan George)
CK 0363 Land of the Blind (Lara Flynn Boyle)
CK 0364 Monster Island, 1 (Carmen Electra)
CK 0365 Monster Island, 2 (Alana Husband)
CK 0366 No Way Up (Amy Locane)
CK 0367 Clash of the Titans (Alexa Davalos)
CK 0368 Complex of Fear, 1 (Randi Lane, Farrah Forke)
CK 0369 Complex of Fear, 2 (unknown)
CK 0370 Carry On Cowboy (unknown)
CK 0371 Monster Man, 1 (Aimee Brooks)
CK 0372 Monster Man, 2 (Aimee Brooks)
CK 0373 Le Magnifique, 1 (Jacqueline Bisset)
CK 0374 Le Magnifique, 2 (Jacqueline Bisset)
CK 0375 Mannaja (unknown)
CK 0376 Mennesker mødes og sød musik opstår i hjertet (Harriet Andersson)
CK 0377 Miral (Ruba Blal, Freida Pinto)
CK 0378 Sky Pirates (Meredith Phillips)
CK 0379 The Simpsons S13E14: “Tales from the Public Domain” (voice by Yeardley Smith)
CK 0380 Plutonium Baby (Grace Desimone et al.)
CK 0381 Perception S1E3 (Jayme Lynn Evans)
CK 0382 The Phantom (Kristy Swanson)
CK 0383 Premonition (Sandra Bullock)
CK 0384 The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb (unknown)
CK 0385 The Crush (Amber Benson)
CK 0386 The Big Store (Virginia Grey)
CK 0387 The Baker (Kate Ashfield)
CK 0388 When Nature Calls, 1 (Tina Marie Staiano)
CK 0389 When Nature Calls, 2 (unknown, Barbara Marineau)
CK 0390 Wolf, 1 (Michelle Pfeiffer)
CK 0391 Wolf, 2 (Michelle Pfeiffer)
CK 0392 Il fiume del grande caimano (Barbara Bach)
CK 0393 The Astro Zombies (Barbara Richards, Joan Patrick)
CK 0394 5ive Girls, 1 (Amy Lalonde et al.)
CK 0395 5ive Girls, 2 (Amy Lalonde et al.)
CK 0396 The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, 1 (Madeline Kahn)
CK 0397 The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, 2 (Madeline Kahn)
CK 0398 Hard Hunted (Dona Speir)
CK 0399 House of the Devil (Jocelin Donahue)

CK 0400 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
CK 0401 Supernatural S8E20: “Pac-Man Fever” (Felicia Day)
CK 0402 The Dukes of Hazzard S1E10: “Deputy Dukes” (unknown)
CK 0403 The Dukes of Hazzard S1E13: “Double Sting”, 1
CK 0404 The Dukes of Hazzard S1E13: “Double Sting”, 2
CK 0405 Luca il contrabbandiere
CK 0406 The Best of The Kenny Everett Video Show – Vol. 1 (Hot Gossip 6)
CK 0407 Unknown scene (unknown)
CK 0408 The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes S2E13: “Along Came a Spider” (voice by Vanessa Marshall)
CK 0409 To Live and Die in Mongkok (unknown)
CK 0410 7 Hours to Judgment, 1 (Julianne Phillips)
CK 0411 7 Hours to Judgment, 2 (Julianne Phillips)
CK 0412 Black Books: “A Nice Change” (Tamsin Greig)
CK 0413 The Caretaker, 1 (Lola Davidson)
CK 0414 The Caretaker, 2 (René Ashton)
CK 0415 The Caretaker, 3 (Kira Verrastro, Jennifer Tilly)
CK 0416 Distant Cousins (Mel Harris)
CK 0417 The Doll Squad (Francine York, Jean London, Leigh Christian, Tura Satana)
CK 0418 Duel at Silver Creek (Susan Cabot)
CK 0419 From Beyond (Barbara Crampton)
CK 0420 Give ‘Em Hell Malone (Elsa Pataky)
CK 0421 Guld til præriens skrappe drenge (Judy Gringer)
CK 0422 The Godfather Part II (unknown)
CK 0423 Head Above Water, 1 (Cameron Diaz)
CK 0424 Head Above Water, 2 (Cameron Diaz)
CK 0425 Heavy Metal 2000
CK 0426 Scandal S2E17: “Snake in the Garden” (Andrea Bowen)
CK 0427 Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity, 1 (Elizabeth Kaitan, unknown)
CK 0428 Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity, 2 (Brinke Stevens)
CK 0429 Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity, 3 (Elizabeth Kaitan, Brinke Stevens, Cindy Beal)
CK 0430 The Hound of the Baskervilles (Glynis Barber)
CK 0431 I, the Jury, 1 (Leigh Harris, Lynette Harris)
CK 0432 I, the Jury, 2 (Laurene Landon)
CK 0433 Alas Smith and Jones S?E? (unknown)
CK 0434 The Benny Hill Show: ‘Behind the Bamboo Certain’ (unknown)
CK 0435 Moldavskaya Plenizza (unknown)
CK 0436 The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes S2E24: “Live Kree Or Die” (voices by Colleen O’Shaughnessey, Jennifer Hale)
CK 0437 Ключи от прошлого E8
CK 0438 China O’Brien (unknown)
CK 0439 Chuck S5E11: “Chuck Vs. the Bullet Train”, 1 (Yvonne Strahovsky, Mekenna Melvin)
CK 0440 Chuck S5E11: “Chuck Vs. the Bullet Train”, 2 (Mekenna Melvin)
CK 0441 Deadline (Nynne Bjerre Christensen)
CK 0442 Death Spa (Brenda Bakke)
CK 0443 Game of Thrones S2E6 (Rose Leslie)
CK 0444 Game of Thrones S2E7 (Rose Leslie)
CK 0445 Zombie Nation, 1 (unknown)
CK 0446 Zombie Nation, 2 (Martina Bottesch)
CK 0447 Zombie Nation, 3 (Martina Bottesch et al.)
CK 0448 Iron Sky, 1 (Peta Sergeant)
CK 0449 Iron Sky, 2 (Julia Dietze et al.)
CK 0450 Iron Sky, 3 (Julia Dietze)
CK 0451 Open House, 1 (Rachel Blanchard)
CK 0452 Open House, 2 (Rachel Blanchard)
CK 0453 Спецкор Отдела Расследований E7, 1 (unknown)
CK 0454 Спецкор Отдела Расследований E7, 2 (unknown)
CK 0455 The Man from Nowhere (Kim Hyo-Seo)
CK 0456 Continuum S2E13: “Second Time” (Rachel Nichols)
CK 0457 Donner Pass (Desiree Hall)
CK 0458 Misfits S2E4 (Lauren Socha, Antonia Thomas, Ruth Negga)
CK 0459 Misfits S3E1 (Antonia Thomas)
CK 0460 Misfits S3E3 (Antonia Thomas)
CK 0461 Frankenstein General Hospital (Kathy Shower, Katie Caple et al.)
CK 0462 Barbarian: The Last Great Warrior King, 1 (Ekaterina Drobish, Irina Grigoryeva)
CK 0463 Barbarian: The Last Great Warrior King, 2 (unknown)
CK 0464 Barbarian: The Last Great Warrior King, 3 (Irina Grigoryeva)
CK 0465 Min søsters børn (Birgit Sadolin)
CK 0466 Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (Margaret Lindsay)
CK 0467 Barbarella, 1 (Jane Fonda)
CK 0468 Barbarella, 2 (Jane Fonda)
CK 0469 Barbarella, 3 (Jane Fonda, Anita Pallenberg)
CK 0470 Barbarella, 4 (Jane Fonda et al.)
CK 0471 Barbarella, 5 (Jane Fonda)
CK 0472 L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo (Suzy Kendall)
CK 0473 Baywatch Nights S1E16: “The Curator” (Yasmine Bleeth)
CK 0474 Baywatch Nights S1E17: “Code of Silence” (Angie Harmon, Irene Tsu, unknown)
CK 0475 Hustler Squad (unknown)
CK 0476 In the Mix (Emmanuelle Chriqui)
CK 0477 Beck S2E6: “Annonsmannen” (Malin Birgerson, unknown)
CK 0478 Peter Gunn: “A Bullet in Escrow” (Lola Albright)
CK 0479 Respectable, 1 (Jodi Albert, Barunka O’Shaughnessy)
CK 0480 Respectable, 2 (Jodi Albert)
CK 0481 Continuum S1E5 (Katie Findlay)
CK 0482 Silk Stalkings: “Judas Kiss” (unknown)
CK 0483 Silk Stalkings: “Love Bandit” (Christa Daniel et al.)
CK 0484 Silk Stalkings: “Whore Wars” (Kimberly Campbell et al.)
CK 0485 Night Terrors, 1 (Zoe Trilling)
CK 0486 Night Terrors, 2 (Zoe Trilling)
CK 0487 Night Terrors, 3 (Zoe Trilling)
CK 0488 Silk Stalkings: “The Scarlet Shadow” (Michelle Clunie)
CK 0489 Deadline (Nynne Bjerre Christensen, Camilla Thorning)
CK 0490 След E50 (unknown)
CK 0491 Live and Let Die, 1 (unknown)
CK 0492 Live and Let Die, 2 (Jane Seymour)
CK 0493 Live and Let Die, 3 (Jane Seymour)
CK 0494 Морские дьяволы. Смерч. Судьбы: “Барьер” (unknown)
CK 0495 King Solomon’s Mines (Alison Doody)
CK 0496 Bullet in the Face S1E1 (Jessica Steen)
CK 0497 Peter Gunn (Jennifer Edwards)
CK 0498 Target (Gayle Hunnicutt)
CK 0499 Hercules Against the Moon Men, 1 (Anna Maria Polani et al.)

CK 0500 Hercules Against the Moon Men, 2 (Jany Clair)
CK 0501 Bitter Moon (Emmanuelle Seigner)
CK 0502 Married… with Children: “Poppy’s by the Tree, Part 2” (Katey Sagal)
CK 0503 The Benny Hill Show, 1 (Jenny Lee Wright et al.)
CK 0504 The Benny Hill Show, 2 (Jenny Lee Wright et al.)
CK 0505 The Benny Hill Show, 3 (Abigail Higgins et al.)
CK 0506 The Benny Hill Show, 4 (Moira Foot et al.)
CK 0507 The Benny Hill Show, 5 (Jenny Lee Wright et al.)
CK 0508 The Benny Hill Show, 6 (Alison Bell et al.)
CK 0509 The Benny Hill Show, 7 (Alison Bell)
CK 0510 The Benny Hill Show, 8 (Teresa Lucas, *Claire Lutter)
CK 0511 The Benny Hill Show, 9 (Jane Leeves)
CK 0512 The Benny Hill Show, 10 (Jo Thomas)
CK 0513 The Benny Hill Show, 11 (Jenny Lee Wright)
CK 0514 The Benny Hill Show, 12 (Jenny Lee Wright)
CK 0515 The Benny Hill Show, 13 (Louise English et al.)
CK 0516 The Benny Hill Show, 14 (Alison Bell et al.)
CK 0517 The Benny Hill Show, 15 (Penny Kendall)
CK 0518 The Benny Hill Show, 16 (Lesley Goldie, *Barbara Wise)
CK 0519 The Benny Hill Show, 17 (Louise English, Alison Bell)
CK 0520 The Benny Hill Show, 18 (unknown)
CK 0521 The Simpsons: “Treehouse of Horror XI” (voice by Yeardley Smith)
CK 0522 The Simpsons: “Treehouse of Horror X” (voice by Lucy Lawless)
CK 0523 The Simpsons: “The Parent Rap” (voice by Julie Kavner)
CK 0524 The Simpsons: “The Real Housewives of Fat Tony” (voice by Julie Kavner)
CK 0525 The Simpsons: “Moms I’d Like to Forget” (voice by Yeardley Smith)
CK 0526 The Simpsons: “Lisa the Drama Queen” (voices by Emily Blunt, Yeardley Smith)
CK 0527 The Simpsons: “The Great Money Caper” (voice by Julie Kavner)
CK 0528 Amusement, 1 (Laura Breckenridge, Fernanda Dorogi)
CK 0529 Amusement, 2 (Jessica Lucas, Fernanda Dorogi)
CK 0530 Xena Warrior Princess: “Remember Nothing” (Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor)
CK 0531 Nash Bridges: “Hot Prowler” (unknown)
CK 0532 Skyggen (Puk Scharbau)
CK 0533 Game of Death (Colleen Camp)
CK 0534 Married… with Children – hosiery hightlights, 1 (Amanda Bearse et al.)
CK 0535 Married… with Children – hosiery hightlights, 2 (Katey Sagal et al.)
CK 0536 CSI: Miami: “Entrance Wound” (Janie Liszewski)
CK 0537 Tom & Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes (voice by Grey DeLisle)
CK 0538 Gargoyle’s Revenge (Kate Orsini)
CK 0539 Carry On Matron (Barbara Windsor)
CK 0540 Bande à part (Anna Karina)
CK 0541 Frasier: “Miss Right Now” (Jennifer Tilly)
CK 0542 Lenin, din gavtyv (Lisbet Lundquist)
CK 0543 Futurama: “I Second That Emotion” (voice by Katey Sagal)
CK 0544 Futurama: “Brannigan Begin Again” (voice by Katey Sagal)
CK 0545 Howling II: Stirba – Werewolf Bitch (Annie McEnroe et al.)
CK 0546 Last of the Mohicans, 1 (Michele Marsh, Jane Actman)
CK 0547 Last of the Mohicans, 2 (unknown, Jane Actman)
CK 0548 Last of the Mohicans, 3 (Michele Marsh)
CK 0549 Flesh Gordon, 1 (Cindy Hopkins)
CK 0550 Flesh Gordon, 2 (unknown)
CK 0551 Flesh Gordon, 3 (Cindy Hopkins)
CK 0552 Asterix Vs. Caesar (voice by Michelle Bjørn-Andersen)
CK 0553 Sinbad of the Seven Seas, 1 (Alessandra Martines)
CK 0554 Sinbad of the Seven Seas, 2 (Stefania Girolami Goodwin, Alessandra Martines)
CK 0555 Sherlock Holmes: “The Hound of the Baskervilles, Part 2” (Gabriella Licudi)
CK 0556 Die Zauberflöte (Lucia Popp)
CK 0557 Die Zauberflöte (Genia Kuhmeier)
CK 0558 Count Duckula: “Private Beak” (voice by Ruby Wax)
CK 0559 Rend mig i revolutionen (Helle Virkner, Helle Hertz)
CK 0560 The Running Man (Maria Conchita Alonso)
CK 0561 Big Trouble (Rene Russo, Janeane Garofalo)
CK 0562 Justine: In the Heat of Passion, 1 (Daneen Boone)
CK 0563 Justine: In the Heat of Passion, 2 (Jennifer Behr, Odette Miro)
CK 0564 Justine: In the Heat of Passion, 3 (Daneen Boone)
CK 0565 Justine: In the Heat of Passion, 4 (Daneen Boone)
CK 0566 Romeo Is Bleeding (Lena Olin)
CK 0567 Romeo Is Bleeding (Lena Olin)
CK 0568 Romeo Is Bleeding (Lena Olin)
CK 0569 Romeo Is Bleeding (Juliette Lewis)
CK 0570 Romeo Is Bleeding (Lena Olin)
CK 0571 Romeo Is Bleeding (Lena Olin)
CK 0572 Carrotts Commercial Breakdown (unknown)
CK 0573 Ideal S2E6 (Hanneke van der Steen)
CK 0574 Get Nervous (Pat Benatar)
CK 0575 Inara: The Jungle Girl (Cali Danger)
CK 0576 Silk Stalkings: “Ladies’ Night Out” (Brenda Strong, Mitzi Kapture)
CK 0577 Silk Stalkings: “Head ‘n Tail” (Judith Jones, *Cindy Ambuehl)
CK 0578 Silk Stalkings: “Carrie and Jessie” (Katy Boyer)
CK 0579 X-Men: First Class, 1 (Rose Byrne et al.)
CK 0580 X-Men: First Class, 2 (January Jones)
CK 0581 Морские Дьяволы. Смерч. Судьбы E8 (unknown)
CK 0582 Bag Borgen (Pia Olsen Dyhr)
CK 0583 Счастливых вместе E174, E179-180, E194 (Darya Sagalova)
CK 0584 Weird Science: “Copper Top Girl” (Julie Condra)
CK 0585 Von Ryan’s Express, 1 (Raffaella Carrà)
CK 0586 Von Ryan’s Express, 2 (Raffaella Carrà)
CK 0587 Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders, 1 (Robyn Kelly)
CK 0588 Flesh Gordon Meets the Cosmic Cheerleaders, 2 (Robyn Kelly)
CK 0589 House of Wax (Phyllis Kirk)
CK 0590 The Wax Mask, 1 (Valery Valmond, Romina Mondello)
CK 0591 The Wax Mask, 2 (Romina Mondello)
CK 0592 Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, 1 (Leslie Easterbrook)
CK 0593 Police Academy: Mission to Moscow, 2 (Leslie Easterbrook et al.)
CK 0594 The New Statesman: “California Here I Come” (Julianne White)
CK 0595 Weird Science: “Fly Boy” (Vanessa Angel)
CK 0596 Weird Science: “Chett World” (Tanya Lewis)
CK 0597 Weird Science: “You’ll Never Eat Brains in This Town Again” (Vanessa Angel)
CK 0598 Weird Science: “Searching for Boris Karloff” (Vanessa Angel, Marjory Graue)
CK 0599 Morecambe and Wise – Christmas 1969 (Nina van Pallandt)

CK 0600 March of the Wooden Soldiers (Charlotte Henry)
CK 0601 След E99 (unknown)
CK 0602 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4E1: “Plan Six From Outer Space” (voice by Renae Jacobs)
CK 0603 Les Petroleuses, 1 (Claudia Cardinale)
CK 0604 Les Petroleuses, 2 (Claudia Cardinale, Brigitte Bardot)
CK 0605 Les Petroleuses, 3 (unknown)
CK 0606 Supernatural S8E18: “Freeks and Geeks” (Ava Vanderstarren)
CK 0607 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4E41: “Unidentified Flying Leonardo” (voice by Renae Jacobs)
CK 0608 Агентство “Золотая пуля” E19: “Дело о белой стреле” (unknown)
CK 0609 Continuum S1E7: “The Politics of Time” (Jenn Bird)
CK 0610 DR2 Live: SF hvad nu? (Lene Johansen)
CK 0611 The Rocketeer (Jennifer Connelly)
CK 0612 Boris Karloff’s Thriller: “The Big Blackout” (*Jeanne Cooper)
CK 0613 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4E11: “Menace Maestro, Please” (voice by Renae Jacobs, Jennifer Darling)
CK 0614 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4E13: “Back to the Egg” (voice by Renae Jacobs)
CK 0615 Respectable, 3 (Jodi Albert)
CK 0616 Respectable, 4 (Jodi Albert)
CK 0617 Respectable, 5 (Jodi Albert)
CK 0618 Respectable, 6 (Jodi Albert)
CK 0619 Respectable, 7 (Jodi Albert et al.)
CK 0620 Respectable, 8 (Jodi Albert)
CK 0621 Carry On Christmas, 1 (Barbara Windsor, unknown)
CK 0622 Carry On Christmas, 2 (Barbara Windsor)
CK 0623 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4E16: “The Dimension X Story” (voice by Renae Jacobs et al.)
CK 0624 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4E24: “Were-rats from Channel 6” (voices by Renae Jacobs, Jennifer Darling)
CK 0625 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S4E38: “Beyond the Donatello Nebula” (voice by Renae Jacobs)
CK 0626 Sons of Anarchy S3E11: “Bainne” (Maggie Siff, McNally Sagal)
CK 0627 Abre los Ojos (Najwa Nimri)
CK 0628 Defendor (Kat Dennings)
CK 0629 Dick Turpin S3E1 (Mary Crosby)
CK 0630 Dick Turpin S3E2 (Mary Crosby)
CK 0631 Dick Turpin S3E3 (Mary Crosby)
CK 0632 Duksedrengen, 1 (Cecilie Olrik)
CK 0633 Duksedrengen, 2 (Cecilie Olrik)
CK 0634 Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks (Annamaria Tornello)
CK 0635 Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks (Simonetta Vitelli)
CK 0636 Friday the 13th Part 2 (Amy Steel)
CK 0637 Hairspray (Amanda Bynes)
CK 0638 Агентство “Золотая пуля” E24 (unknown)
CK 0639 Demonic Toys (Tracy Scoggins)
CK 0640 Disturbing Behavior (Katie Holmes)
CK 0641 Dr Jekyll’s Mistresses, 1 (unknown)
CK 0642 Dr Jekyll’s Mistresses, 2 (unknown)
CK 0643 Oliver & Company (voice by Natalie Gregory)
CK 0644 Restitution (Mena Suvari)
CK 0645 The Man without a Face (Fay Masterson)
CK 0646 30 Days of Night: Dark Days (unknown)
CK 0647 Aerobicide, 1 (unknown)
CK 0648 Aerobicide, 2 (Marcia Karr)
CK 0649 Age of the Hobbits (unknown)
CK 0650 A-Haunting We Will Go (Sheila Ryan)
CK 0651 Cry of the Banshee, 1 (Pamela Fairbrother)
CK 0652 Cry of the Banshee, 2 (Pamela Fairbrother, unknown)
CK 0653 Dead Women in Lingerie (*Michele Laybourn)
CK 0654 Peep Show S?E? (Sophie Winkleman)
CK 0655 Alfresco, 1 (Siobhan Redmond, Emma Thompson)
CK 0656 Alfresco, 2 (Emma Thompson)
CK 0657 Alfresco, 3 (Siobhan Redmond, Emma Thompson)
CK 0658 McLeod’s Daughters: “Make Or Break” (Rachael Carpani)
CK 0659 McLeod’s Daughters: “Jack of All Shades” (Bridie Carter, Simmone Mackinnon)
CK 0660 Mind Over Murder (Deborah Raffin)
CK 0661 Man Stroke Woman E? ‘BDSM vignette’ (Meredith MacNeill)
CK 0662 Man Stroke Woman E? ‘200 Pounds’ (Daisy Haggard)
CK 0663 Monty Python’s Flying Circus (Carol Cleveland)
CK 0664 The Comic Strip Presents: “More Bad News” (unknown)
CK 0665 Return to Cabin by the Lake, 1 (Claudette Mink)
CK 0666 Return to Cabin by the Lake, 2 (Dahlia Salem)
CK 0667 Return to Cabin by the Lake, 3 (Dahlia Salem)
CK 0668 Return to Cabin by the Lake, 4 (Natasha Wilson et al.)
CK 0669 First AIDS (unknown)
CK 0670 Road to Bali (Jane Russell)
CK 0671 Rookie Blue S2E7: “The One that Got Away” (Melanie Neige Scrofano, Missy Peregrym)
CK 0672 Rookie Blue S3E9: “Out of Time” (Charlotte Sullivan, Missy Peregrym)
CK 0673 Batman: “The Devil’s Fingers” & “The Dead Ringers” (Marilyn Hanold, Edy Williams, Sivi Aberg)
CK 0674 Weird Science: “Earth Boys Are Easy” (Vanessa Angel, Sofia Milos)
CK 0675 Ellery Queen and the Murder Ring (Margaret Lindsay)
CK 0676 Silk Stalkings S3E11: “The Party’s Over” (Barbara Niven)
CK 0677 The Detectives: “The Beast of Hackney Marshes” (unknown)
CK 0678 The Room (Juliette Danielle)
CK 0679 There’s a Girl in My Soup, 1 (Goldie Hawn)
CK 0680 There’s a Girl in My Soup, 2 (Goldie Hawn)
CK 0681 The Avengers S6E5: “Split!” (Linda Thorson)
CK 0682 Batman: “Green Ice” (Dee Hartford)
CK 0683 Batman: “Deep Freeze” (Dee Hartford)
CK 0684 Chuck S2E2: “Chuck Vs. the Seduction” (Yvonne Strahovski)
CK 0685 976-EVIL, 1 (Lezlie Deane)
CK 0686 976-EVIL, 2 (Lezlie Deane)
CK 0687 Shadows Run Black (Elizabeth Trosper, unknown)
CK 0688 The Devil Came from Akasava (Ewa Stromberg, Soledad Miranda)
CK 0689 The Greenskeeper (unknown)
CK 0690 Katers 17 is kidnapped (unknown)
CK 0691 Frasier: “Detour” (Cady Huffman)
CK 0692 Being Human S2E4 (unknown)
CK 0693 The Crimson Ghost E8: “The Slave Collar” (Linda Stirling)
CK 0694 The Crimson Ghost E7: “Electrocution” (Linda Stirling)
CK 0695 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Kate Capshaw)
CK 0696 Tomb of the Werewolf (Jenna West, Jacy Andrews)
CK 0697 Pets, 1 (Candice Rialson)
CK 0698 Pets, 2 (Candice Rialson, Teri Guzman)
CK 0699 Pets, 3 (Candice Rialson, Joan Blackman)

CK 0700 Frasier: “To Thine Own Self Be True” (Rachel York)
CK 0701 Curfew (Kyle Richards, Jean Brooks)
CK 0702 Raiders of the Lost Ark (Karen Allen)
CK 0703 Beer Hunter (unknown)
CK 0704 Frasier: “Freudian Sleep” (Jane Leeves)
CK 0705 Frasier: “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” (Jane Leeves)
CK 0706 Montana (Robin Tunney)
CK 0707 Xena Warrior Princess: “The Deliverer” (Renée O’Connor)
CK 0708 Den sorte Madonna, 1 (Tuva Novotny)
CK 0709 Den sorte Madonna, 2 (Tuva Novotny)
CK 0710 Robin Hood: “Maid Marian” (Bernadette O’Farrell)
CK 0711 Lezioni private aka The Private Lesson (Carroll Baker, Femi Benussi)
CK 0712 Frasier: “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” (Jane Leeves)
CK 0713 Smack the Pony S3E2 (Fiona Allen, Sally Phillips, Doon Mackichan)
CK 0714 Carry On Cruising (Dilys Laye, Liz Fraser)
CK 0715 Smack the Pony S3E6 (Doon Mackichan)
CK 0716 The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes: “Gamma World, Part 1” & “Part 2” (voice by Vanessa Marshall)
CK 0717 The Head (Christiane Maybach)
CK 0718 Hvordan vi slipper af med de andre (Louise Mieritz)
CK 0719 Mad Men: “Babylon” (Christina Hendricks, January Jones)
CK 0720 Married… with Children: “Kell’s Gotta Habit”, 1 (Katey Sagal)
CK 0721 Married… with Children: “Kell’s Gotta Habit”, 2 (Amanda Bearse)
CK 0722 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 7 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0723 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 8 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0724 Elvira’s Movie Macabre compilation, 9 (Cassandra Peterson)
CK 0725 Silk Stalkings S4E1 (Kate Hodge, unknown)
CK 0726 The Last Rites of Ransom Pride (Lizzy Caplan)
CK 0727 Strážce duší S2E4: “Propast věků” (unknown)
CK 0728 Silk Stalkings: “Freudian Slip” (Mitzi Kapture, Linda Dona)
CK 0729 The Man from UNCLE: “The Galatea Affair”, 1 (Joan Collins)
CK 0730 Mi ex me tiene ganas E? (unknown)
CK 0731 Un dollaro bucato (Ida Galli)
CK 0732 Batman: “Marsha, Queen of Diamonds” & “Marsha’s Scheme of Diamonds” (Carolyn Jones)
CK 0733 Weird Science: “The Legend of Red Brick Wallace” & “Funhouse of Death” (Vanessa Angel, Denise Richards)
CK 0734 Weird Science: “Pirates!” (unknown)
CK 0735 Weird Science: “WS4” (Vanessa Angel)
CK 0736 American Horror Story S1E7 (Alexandra Breckenridge)
CK 0737 American Horror Story S1E9 (Alexandra Breckenridge, Sarah Paulson)
CK 0738 Deadline, 13 (Anja Bo)
CK 0739 El Cartel de los Sapos S1E2 (Carolina Cuervo)
CK 0740 El Cartel de los Sapos S1E3 (Carolina Cuervo)
CK 0741 Hawaii Five-0 S3E6 (Sydney Tamiia Poitier)
CK 0742 The Wash (unknown)
CK 0743 Puppet Master II, 1 (Nita Talbot)
CK 0744 Puppet Master II, 2 (Elizabeth Maclellan)
CK 0745 Xena Warrior Princess: “The Furies” (Darien Tackle)
CK 0746 Xena Warrior Princess: “The Dirty Half-dozen” (Katrine Hobbs, Renée O’Connor)
CK 0747 My Favorite Martian (Elizabeth Hurley)
CK 0748 My Favorite Martian (Elizabeth Hurley)
CK 0749 Hokus Fucking Pocus (unknown)
CK 0750 Hokus Fucking Pocus (unknown)
CK 0751 Blue Steel (Eleanor Hunt)
CK 0752 The Invasion (Nicole Kidman)
CK 0753 Xena Warrior Princess: “Been There, Done That” (Renée O’Connor)
CK 0754 Slap af, Frede! (Hanne Borchsenius)
CK 0755 Slå først, Frede!, 1 (Essy Persson)
CK 0756 Slå først, Frede!, 2 (Essy Persson)
CK 0757 Året, der gik – 2013 (Louise Wolff et. al.)
CK 0758 Playback (Ambyr Childers)
CK 0759 Robin Hood: “Parent Hood” (Lucy Griffiths)
CK 0760 Robin Hood: “Peace Off” (Lucy Griffiths)
CK 0761 Robin Hood: “Tattoo? What Tattoo?”, 1 (Anjali Jay)
CK 0762 Robin Hood: “Tattoo? What Tattoo?”, 2 (Anjali Jay)
CK 0763 Return to Horror High (Lori Lethin)
CK 0764 Prison of the Dead (Kim Ryan)
CK 0765 Mi ex me tiene ganas E16 (Lillibeth Morillo)
CK 0766 Mi ex me tiene ganas E71 & E72, 1 (unknown)
CK 0767 Mi ex me tiene ganas E72, 2 (unknown)
CK 0768 Mi ex me tiene ganas E73 (unknown)
CK 0769 Mi ex me tiene ganas E74 (unknown)
CK 0770 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: “Happy Birthday, Buck”, 1
CK 0771 Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: “Happy Birthday, Buck”, 2
CK 0772 Mi ex me tiene ganas E72, 3 (unknown)
CK 0773 The Fall Guy: “Ready, Aim… Die!” (Heather Thomas)
CK 0774 Committed (Heather Graham)
CK 0775 The Champions: “The Experiment” (Alexandra Bastedo)
CK 0776 Slaughtered, 1 (Ariel Carmine, *Cally Marie)
CK 0777 Slaughtered, 2 (Rebecca McCuen)
CK 0778 Slaughtered, 3 (Cheri Lynn)
CK 0779 Silk Stalkings S4E2, 1 (Juliet Tablak, Poppy Montgomery)
CK 0780 Silk Stalkings S4E2, 2 (Mitzi Kapture)
CK 0781 I Dream of Jeannie: “My Master the Pirate” (Elaine Devry, Barbara Eden)
CK 0782 I Dream of Jeannie S3E2 (Barbara Eden)
CK 0783 I Dream of Jeannie S4E1 (Barbara Eden, Lisa Gaye)
CK 0784 Return of Swamp Thing, 1 (Heather Locklear, Sarah Douglas)
CK 0785 Return of Swamp Thing, 2 (Heather Locklear)
CK 0786 Soap S2E10 (Dinah Manoff)
CK 0787 Soap S2E12 (Dinah Manoff)
CK 0788 Soap S2E13 (Dinah Manoff)
CK 0789 Star Trek TOS S1E2 (unknown)
CK 0790 Star Trek TOS S1E8 (Grace Lee Whitney)
CK 0791 The Sunshine Boys (Lee Meredith)
CK 0792 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S2E3: “It Came From Beneath the Sewers” (voice by Renae Jacobs)
CK 0793 The Best of The Kenny Everett Video Show – Vol. 2, 1 (Hot Gossip 7)
CK 0794 The Best of The Kenny Everett Video Show – Vol. 2, 2 (Hot Gossip 8)
CK 0795 The Best of The Kenny Everett Video Show – Vol. 2, 3 (Hot Gossip 9)
CK 0796 The Best of The Kenny Everett Video Show – Vol. 2, 4 (Hot Gossip 10)
CK 0797 The Best of The Kenny Everett Video Show – Vol. 2, 5 (unknown)
CK 0798 Cover Girl (Rita Hayworth et al.)
CK 0799 Deadline (unknown)

CK 0800 Come Play with Me, 1 (Pat Astley, Anna Bergman, Suzy Mandel et al.)
CK 0801 Come Play with Me, 2 (Mary Millington, Anna Bergman et al.)
CK 0802 Come Play with Me, 3 (Suzy Mandel, Pat Astley et al.)
CK 0803 Being John Malkovich (Cameron Diaz)
CK 0804 Being John Malkovich (Cameron Diaz)
CK 0805 Charlie’s Angels: “Angels Belong in Heaven” (Tracy Brooks Swope)
CK 0806 Thriller S1E30: “Parasite Manson” (Pippa Scott)
CK 0807 Rio Diablo (Laura Herring)
CK 0808 Son of Zorro E8 (Peggy Stewart)
CK 0809 The Walking Dead S3E14 (Laurie Holden)
CK 0810 X Factor, Danish edition: Feb. 7th 2014 (unknown)
CK 0811 Survival Island, 1 (Kelly Brook)
CK 0812 Survival Island, 2 (Kelly Brook)
CK 0813 Спецкор Отдела Расследований E8, 1 (unknown)
CK 0814 Спецкор Отдела Расследований E8, 2 (unknown)
CK 0815 The Man from UNCLE: “The Galatea Affair”, 2 (Joan Collins)
CK 0816 Zombie Holocaust (Alexandra Delli Colli)
CK 0817 The Rage (Misty Mundae)
CK 0818 That Darn Cat (Grayson Hall)
CK 0819 Eskimo Limon (Anat Atzmon)
CK 0820 Dark Shadows E210 (Alexandra Isles)
CK 0821 Satan’s School for Lust
CK 0822 MacGyver S1E10 (unknown)
CK 0823 MacGyver S2E6 (Patricia McPherson)
CK 0824 MacGyver S2E19 (Renee Estevez)
CK 0825 Creature, 1 (Lauren Schneider)
CK 0826 Creature, 2 (Serinda Swan)
CK 0827 Roommates E24: “The Teacher Strikes!” (unknown)
CK 0828 The Office S1E1 (Melora Hardin)
CK 0829 The Fall Guy: “Bail and Bond” (Pamela Susan Shoop, Martine Beswick)
CK 0830 The Palm Beach Story (Claudette Colbert)
CK 0831 Ultraviolet (Milla Jovovich)
CK 0832 Unhappy Campers (unknown)
CK 0833 Вчера Закончилась Война E15 (unknown)
CK 0834 Морские Дьяволы. Смерч. Судьбы E10 (unknown)
CK 0835 The Following S1E11 (Natalie Zea)
CK 0836 Spiderhole (Emma Griffiths Malin, Amy Noble)
CK 0837 Scared to Death (Molly Lamont)
CK 0838 Far och flyg (Irene Söderblom)
CK 0839 Bowfinger (Heather Graham)
CK 0840 Den som dræber S1E1: “Liget i skoven” (Mia Nielsen-Jexen, Laura Bach)
CK 0841 Live Nude Girls (Dana Delany et al.)
CK 0842 Hogan’s Heroes S3E4 (Joyce Jameson)
CK 0843 Hogan’s Heroes S6E20 (Nita Talbot)
CK 0844 Monrad & Rislund: Panik i Pladderballe (unknown)
CK 0845 Parks and Recreation S2E21 (Amy Poehler)
CK 0846 Secret Diary of a Call Girl S4E7 (Billie Piper)
CK 0847 ROT: Reunion of Terror (Monique Barajas)
CK 0848 Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (Gwyneth Paltrow)
CK 0849 The King of Fighters, 1 (Maggie Q)
CK 0850 The King of Fighters, 2 (Bernice Liu, Monique Ganderton)
CK 0851 You’ll Never See Me Again (Jess Walton)
CK 0852 Lance Burton’s Guerilla Magic (unknown)
CK 0853 Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Wookiee” (Yvonne Strahovski)
CK 0854 Chuck: “Chuck Versus the Sizzling Shrimp” (Yvonne Strahovski)
CK 0855 Batman: “The Penguin’s Nest” (Grace Gaynor)
CK 0856 Batman: “The Bird’s Last Jest” (Grace Gaynor)
CK 0857 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S3E22: “Return of the Fly” (voice by Renae Jacobs)
CK 0858 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles S3E7: “Burne’s Blues” (voice by Renae Jacobs)
CK 0859 Treasure of Fear (Ann Savage)
CK 0860 A Kid Rock Christmas (unknown)
CK 0861 Not the Nine O’Clock News S3E? (Pamela Stephenson)
CK 0862 Not the Nine O’Clock News S2E5 & S2E6 (Pamela Stephenson)
CK 0863 Not the Nine O’Clock News S?E? (Pamela Stephenson)
CK 0864 Tiempo Final E6 (unknown)
CK 0865 A Catalyst for Wesson Smith (unknown)
CK 0866 Honey, I Blew Up the Kid (Keri Russell)
CK 0867 Selvsving Galla januar 2014, 1 (Mette Dahl Trudslev, Maj Holtegaard et al.)
CK 0868 Selvsving Galla januar 2014, 2 (Mette Dahl Trudslev, Maj Holtegaard et al.)
CK 0869 Tiempo Final E49 (unknown)
CK 0870 Romanzo Criminale – La Serie E6 (Daniela Virgilio)
CK 0871 The Mask (Cameron Diaz)
CK 0872 Walter & Carlo – op på fars hat (Benedikte Hansen)
CK 0873 Walter & Carlo – yes, det er far, 1 (Ewa Carlsson)
CK 0874 Walter & Carlo – yes, det er far, 2 (Linda Laursen)
CK 0875 Beastmaster: The Eye of Braxus (Sandra Hess)
CK 0876 Счастливых вместе E181-E183 (Darya Sagalova et al.)
CK 0877 Счастливых вместе E191-E193 (Darya Sagalova)
CK 0878 Grand Hotel Excelsior (Aldina Martano)
CK 0879 Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre: “Die Erbschaft”, 1 (unknown)
CK 0880 Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre: “Die Erbschaft”, 2 (unknown)
CK 0881 Il Baco Da Seta (Nadja Tiller)
CK 0882 How to Rob a Bank, 1 (Erika Christensen)
CK 0883 How to Rob a Bank, 2 (Erika Christensen)
CK 0884 Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S1E2, 1 (unknown)
CK 0885 Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S1E2, 2 (unknown)
CK 0886 Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S1E2, 3 (unknown)
CK 0887 Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S1E4, 1 (unknown)
CK 0888 Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S1E4, 2 (unknown)
CK 0889 Magic’s Biggest Secrets Finally Revealed S1E3 (unknown)
CK 0890 The New Adventures of Wonder Woman S3E7: “Time Bomb” (Lynda Carter, Joan Van Ark)
CK 0891 Taken: The Search For Sophie Parker (Naomi Battrick, Jemma Dallender)
CK 0892 Indecent Desires (Sharon Kent, Jackie Richards)
CK 0893 Hart to Hart S1E5: “You Made Me Kill You” (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0894 Oh!透明人間 aka Oh! Invisible Man (unknown)
CK 0895 War of the Arrows (Moon Chae-won)
CK 0896 Beck: “Levande begravd” (unknown)
CK 0897 Рыжая E30 (Мария Луговая)
CK 0898 Доброе имя E12, 1 (Екатерина Вуличенко)
CK 0899 Доброе имя E12, 2 (unknown)

CK 0900 Chapter 17 (unknown)
CK 0901 Son of Paleface, 1 (Jane Russell et al.)
CK 0902 Son of Paleface, 2 (Jane Russell)
CK 0903 Curse of Chucky, 1 (Fiona Dourif)
CK 0904 Curse of Chucky, 2 (Chantal Quesnelle, Fiona Dourif)
CK 0905 The New Adventures of Wonder Woman S3E2: “Hot Wheels” (Lynda Carter)
CK 0906 The New Adventures of Wonder Woman SEE15: “The Starships Are Coming” (Lynda Carter)
CK 0907 Batman the Animated Series: “Christmas with the Joker” (voice by Mari Devon)
CK 0908 Batman the Animated Series: “Prophecy of Doom” (voice by Heather Locklear)
CK 0909 Mad Love (Frances Drake)
CK 0910 Reno 911! S6E7 (Carmen Electra)
CK 0911 Arrow S1E17 (Jessica De Gouw, Emily Bett Rickards)
CK 0912 The Baron S1E2: “Epitaph for a Hero” (Sue Lloyd)
CK 0913 Star Trek TOS S2E16: “Gamesters of Triskelion” (Nichelle Nichols, Jane Ross)
CK 0914 The New Adventures of Wonder Woman S3E22: “The Man Who Could Not Die” (Lynda Carter)
CK 0915 Tiempo Final S1E11: “Dia perverso”, 1 (Mónica Ayos)
CK 0916 Tiempo Final S1E11: “Dia perverso”, 2 (Mónica Ayos)
CK 0917 Batman the Animated Series: “Almost Got ‘Im” (voice by Adrienne Barbeau)
CK 0918 Parks and Recreation S5E8: “Pawnee Commons” (Aubrey Plaza)
CK 0919 Parks and Recreation S5E9: “Ron and Diane” (Amy Poehler, Megan Mullally)
CK 0920 Parks and Recreation S5E13: “Emergency Response” (Mo Collins)
CK 0921 Stalingrad (Dana Vavrova)
CK 0922 You May Not Kiss the Bride (Katharine McPhee, Mena Suvari)
CK 0923 White – the Melody of the Curse (unknown)
CK 0924 Kentucky Fried Movie (Uschi Digard, unknown)
CK 0925 Bo Sha aka Diamond Fight (unknown)
CK 0926 Tiempo Final E56 (unknown)
CK 0927 Chuck S2E13, 1 (Jenny McCarthy)
CK 0928 Chuck S2E13, 2 (Yvonne Strahovski)
CK 0929 Dragnet (Alexandra Paul)
CK 0930 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014, 1 (Rebekka Thornbech et al.)
CK 0931 Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014, 2 (Natascha Bessez, Rebekka Thornbech)
CK 0932 Dredd (Olivia Thirlby, *Shoki Mokgapa)
CK 0933 The Spanish Cape Mystery (Helen Twelvetrees)
CK 0934 The Accidental Spy (Vivian Hsu)
CK 0935 Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon (Anna Maria Polani et al.)
CK 0936 Malizia, 1 (Angela Luce, Laura Antonelli)
CK 0937 Malizia, 2 (Laura Antonelli, Tina Aumont)
CK 0938 Рыжая E54 (Мария Луговая)
CK 0939 Рыжая E55 (Мария Луговая)
CK 0940 Шерлок Холмс E14 (unknown)
CK 0941 Kevin of the North (Natasha Henstridge)
CK 0942 Chastity Bites, 1 (Allison Scagliotti, Francia Raisa)
CK 0943 Chastity Bites, 2 (Francia Raisa et al.)
CK 0944 Cowboys & Indians (Katy Maloney)
CK 0945 Dead of the Nite (Cicely Tennant)
CK 0946 The Invisible Man: “The White Rabbit” (Marla Landi)
CK 0947 OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus, 1 (Moon Dailly et al.)
CK 0948 OSS 117: Rio ne répond plus, 2 (Reem Kherici, Louise Monot)
CK 0949 Heroes S3E7 (Dania Ramirez)
CK 0950 Delirium: Photo of Gioia, 1 (unknown, Serena Grandi)
CK 0951 Delirium: Photo of Gioia, 2 (Serena Grandi)
CK 0952 The Avengers S5E4: “The See-Through Man” (Diana Rigg)
CK 0953 Def-Con 4 (Lenore Zann, Kate Lynch)
CK 0954 Hart to Hart: “Murder Wrap” (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0955 Hart to Hart: “Murder Is a Drag” (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0956 Hart to Hart: “Homemade Murder” (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0957 Hart to Hart: “Operation Murder” (Stefanie Powers, unknown)
CK 0958 Hart to Hart: “A New Kind of High” (Georgann Johnson)
CK 0959 Hart to Hart: “Too Many Cooks Are Murder” (Anne Helm)
CK 0960 The Baron S1E15: “Storm Warning” (Sue Lloyd)
CK 0961 Resident Evil: Apocalypse (Sienna Guillory)
CK 0962 Pirates (Charlotte Lewis)
CK 0963 Sahara (Penelope Cruz)
CK 0964 Shout at the Devil (Barbara Parkins)
CK 0965 Spiders 2 (unknown)
CK 0966 Skeleton Key (Kate Hudson)
CK 0967 The Girl From UNCLE: “The Dog Gone Affair” (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0968 The Girl From UNCLE: “The Prisoner Of Zalamar Affair” (Stefanie Powers, Brenda Benet)
CK 0969 The Girl From UNCLE: “The Mother Muffin Affair”, 1 (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0970 The Girl From UNCLE: “The Mother Muffin Affair”, 2 (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0971 The Girl From UNCLE: “The Mata Hari Affair” (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0972 The Girl From UNCLE: “The Montori Device Affair” (unknown, Stefanie Powers)
CK 0973 The Girl From UNCLE: “The Horns Of The Dilemma Affair” (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0974 The Girl From UNCLE: “The Danish Blue Affair” (Stefanie Powers)
CK 0975 Batman and Robin E15: “Batman Victorious” (Jane Adams)
CK 0976 Batman the Animated Series: “The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy” (unknown)
CK 0977 Chuck S2E7: “Chuck Vs. the Fat Lady” (Yvonne Strahovski, Jordana Brewster)
CK 0978 Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre: “Strahlendes Wasser” (Sylvie Bréal)
CK 0979 Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre: “Nautische Künste” (Astrid Fournell, unknown)
CK 0980 Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre: “Auf Gegenseitigkeit” (unknown)
CK 0981 Graf Yoster gibt sich die Ehre: “Die Ritter vom Schlüssel” (unknown)
CK 0982 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, 1 (Gemma Arterton)
CK 0983 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, 2 (Gemma Arterton)
CK 0984 Twisted Halloween 2: Friendship is Murder (unknown)
CK 0985 Batman: “The Sandman Cometh” (Pat Becker, Jeanie Moore, Valerie Kairys)
CK 0986 Estambul 65 (Sylva Koscina)
CK 0987 Batman: “The Catwoman Goeth” (Pat Becker, Jeanie Moore, Valerie Kairys)
CK 0988 Fargo S1E2 (Rachel Blanchard)
CK 0989 The Pink Chiquitas, 1 (Elizabeth Edwards)
CK 0990 The Pink Chiquitas, 2 (Laura Robinson, Claudia Udy et al.)
CK 0991 Superman: “The Payoff” (Noel Neill)
CK 0992 The Mentalist S5E6 (Anne Dudek)
CK 0993 True Blood S5E9, 1 (Anna Paquin, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Carrie Preston)
CK 0994 True Blood S5E9, 2 (Anna Paquin, Lucy Griffiths, unknown)
CK 0995 Incubus (Alice O’Connell)
CK 0996 Incubus (Tara Reid)
CK 0997 Miami Vice: “The Home Invaders” (Kay Ingram, unknown)
CK 0998 The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (Piper Perabo)
CK 0999 The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle (Piper Perabo, Rene Russo)

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