CK 0200 – CK 0399



CK 0200-0249
CK 0250-0299
CK 0300-0349
CK 0350-0399




CK 0200 Xena Warrior Princess: “The Giant Killer” (Renée O’Connor)


CK 0201 Agent 69 Jensen i skyttens tegn (unknown)


CK 0202 Deathstalker 3 (Terri Treas)


CK 0203 Homeland S3E2 (Claire Danes)


CK 0204 Falling Skies S3E4: “At All Costs” (Luvia Petersen)


CK 0205 Batman: “Death in Slow Motion” & “The Riddler’s False Notion” (Sherry Jackson, unknown)


CK 0206 Счастливых вместе E148-150, 153 (Darya Sagalova)


CK 0207 Счастливых вместе E160, 164, 169 (Darya Sagalova)


CK 0208 Счастливых вместе E171-173 (Darya Sagalova)


CK 0209 Something in the Wind (Deanna Durbin)


CK 0210 Deadline (Nynne Bjerre Christensen)


CK 0211 Relic Hunter S1E7: “Transformation” (Roberta Angelica, Tia Carrere)


CK 0212 Batman: “Hot Off the Griddle” & “The Cat and the Fiddle” (Julie Newmar, unknown)


CK 0213 Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Jayma Mays, Natascha Hopkins)


CK 0214 Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Jayma Mays)


CK 0215 The Detectives: “Art Attack” (unknown)


CK 0216 XIII the Series S2E5: “Joust” (Roxane Mesquida)


CK 0217 XIII the Series S2E6: “Gauntlet” (Roxane Mesquida)


CK 0218 The Art of Noise – Peter Gunn (unknown)


CK 0219 2 Guns (Paula Patton)


CK 0220 Guyver: Dark Hero (unknown)


CK 0221 Weird Science: “Killer Party” & “The Most Dangerous Wish” (Vanessa Angel)


CK 0222 Soap S1E15 (Dinah Manoff)


CK 0223 Soap S2E2 (Katherine Helmond)


CK 0224 Soap S1E19 (Jennifer Salt)


CK 0225 For Your Eyes Only (Carole Bouquet, Jill Bennett)


CK 0226 True Blood S5E8


CK 0227 True Blood S5E8


CK 0228 Кукловоды (unknown)


CK 0229 Кукловоды (unknown)


CK 0230 Кукловоды (unknown)


CK 0231 Кукловоды (unknown)


CK 0232 Кукловоды (unknown)


CK 0233 Sons of Anarchy S5E13: “J’ai Obtenu Cette” (Maggie Siff)


CK 0234 A Mind to Kill: “Bloodline” (Noni Lewis)


CK 0235 Battle in Seattle (Michelle Rodriguez, Connie Nielsen)


CK 0236 Betty Boop – Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (voice by Bonnie Poe)


CK 0237 Blazing Saddles (Madeline Kahn)


CK 0238 Duck Dodgers: “The Wrath of Canasta” (unknown)


CK 0239 Analyze That (Callie Thorne)


CK 0240 The Bullfighters (Carol Andrews)


CK 0241 Casino Royale (Daliah Lavi)


CK 0242 The Cat and the Canary (Carol Lynley)


CK 0243 Chuck S5E7 (Yvonne Strahovsky)


CK 0244 ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2 (Mimi Michaels, Allison Kyler)


CK 0245 The Coroner (Jane Longenecker)


CK 0246 Diagnosis Murder: “Murder with Mirrors” (Emma Samms)


CK 0247 Dracula Vs. Frankenstein (Regina Carrol)


CK 0248 Dragon Wars (Amanda Brooks)


CK 0249 Dutch Treat


CK 0250 French and Saunders S5E4 (Patsy Kensit)


CK 0251 Fear Runs Silent


CK 0252 Fear Runs Silent


CK 0253 Full Moon High


CK 0254 Full Moon High


CK 0255 Fire with Fire (Rosario Dawson)


CK 0256 Ghostbusters 2 (Annie Potts)


CK 0257 Ghostbusters 2 (Sigourney Weaver)


CK 0258 Golden Balls (Elisa Touati)


CK 0259 Haven S3E12: “Reunion” (Laura Vandervoort)


CK 0260 The Kenny Everett Television Show S3E8 (unknown)


CK 0261 Love at Stake (Barbara Carrera)


CK 0262 Love at Stake (Barbara Carrera, Kelly Preston)


CK 0263 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: “The Quest of the Red Skull” (voice by Kathy Garver)


CK 0264 Suzy Kane (unknown)


CK 0265 Río de Pasiones (unknown)


CK 0266 Río de Pasiones (unknown)


CK 0267 Decisiones E? (unknown)


CK 0268 Sortilegio E? (unknown)


CK 0269 Back to the Future: The Game (voice by Rebecca Schweitzer)


CK 0270 The Killing Zone (Melissa Moore)


CK 0271 Revenge of the Radioactive Reporter (Kathryn Boese)


CK 0272 Teen Wolf: “Icepick” (Crystal Reed)


CK 0273 Zombie Flesh Eaters (Tisa Farrow)


CK 0274 Así es la vida (unknown)


CK 0275 Así es la vida (unknown)


CK 0276 Nothing Left to Fear (Jennifer Stone)


CK 0277 In the Time of the Butterflies (Salma Hayek, Mia Maestro)


CK 0278 Chuck S5E9: “Chuck Versus the Kept Man” (Carrie-Anne Moss)


CK 0279 Duck Dodgers: “Win, Lose, Or Duck” (voice by Tia Carrere)


CK 0280 Duck Dodgers: “Of Course You Know This Means War and Peace, part 2”


CK 0281 Monte Carlo (Selena Gomez)


CK 0282 Take a Letter Mr. Jones S1E1: “The Interview” (Gina Maher et al.)


CK 0283 Breaking Bad S5E2 & S5E15 (Anna Gunn, Laura Fraser)


CK 0284 Once Upon a Time in Mexico (Salma Hayek)


CK 0285 Acorn Antiques (Rosie Collins, Victoria Wood)


CK 0286 Agent Beetle (unknown)


CK 0287 Assault on Dome 4 (Jocelyn Seagrave)


CK 0288 Barbarian Queen (Dawn Dunlap, unknown)


CK 0289 Barbarian Queen (Lana Clarkson, Susana Traverso)


CK 0290 Batman: “Batman Is Riled” (Nancy Kovak)


CK 0291 Batman: “Holy Rat Race” (Myrna Fahey)


CK 0292 Batman: “The Penguin’s a Jinx” (Leslie Parrish)


CK 0293 Baywatch: Hawaiian Reunion (Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Nicole Eggert)


CK 0294 Baywatch: Hawaiian Reunion (Carmen Electra, Yasmine Bleeth, Nicole Eggert)


CK 0295 Carry On Up the Jungle (Joan Sims)


CK 0296 Carry On Spying (Barbara Windsor et al.)


CK 0297 Carry On Nurse (Stephanie Schiller)


CK 0298 The Chair (Lauren Roy)


CK 0299 The Chair (Alanna Chisholm)


CK 0300 Criminal Minds S6E7: “Middle Man” (Cherilyn Wilson)


CK 0301 Batman: “He Meets His Match, the Grizzly Ghoul” (Donna Loren)


CK 0302 Batman: “The Thirteenth Hat” (Sandra Wells)


CK 0303 Batman: “True Or False-Face” (Myrna Fahey)


CK 0304 Batman: “Zelda the Great” & “A Death Worse than Fate” (Anne Baxter, Madge Blake)


CK 0305 Coogan’s Run E3: “Handyman for All Seasons” (Louise Delamere)


CK 0306 Coogan’s Run E5: “Natural Born Quizzers” (Rebecca Front)


CK 0307 Derrick: “Zeichen der Gewalt” (Gaby Dohm)


CK 0308 Devlerin aski (Turkan Soray)


CK 0309 District 13 (Dany Verissimo)


CK 0310 District 13 (Dany Verissimo)


CK 0311 The Walking Dead S1E2: “Guts” (Sarah Wayne Callies)


CK 0312 Justified S1E2


CK 0313 Carry On Constable (Jill Adams)


CK 0314 The Adventures of Ellery Queen: “Death Spins a Wheel” (Evelyn Ward)


CK 0315 Eastbound and Down S1E5 (Gina Gershon)


CK 0316 Breaking Bad S5E5 (Laura Fraser)


CK 0317 Batman: “The Greatest Mother of Them All” (Lyzanne La Due)


CK 0318 Batman: “The Clock King’s Crazy Crimes, Part 1” (Eileen O’Neill)


CK 0319 La Jaula (unknown)


CK 0320 La Jaula (unknown)


CK 0321 Colossus and the Amazon Queen (Gianna Maria Canale et al.)


CK 0322 Conan the Adventurer: “Heir Apparent” (Amanda Wilmshurst)


CK 0323 Sherlock Holmes and the Leading Lady (Morgan Fairchild)


CK 0324 Justine – Seduction of Innocence (Daneen Boone)


CK 0325 Justine – Seduction of Innocence (Daneen Boone)


CK 0326 Justine – Seduction of Innocence (Daneen Boone)


CK 0327 Man of the House (Kelli Garner, Vanessa Ferlito, Monica Keena, Paula Garcés, Christina Milian)


CK 0328 Married… with Children: “I Want My Psycho Dad, Part 2” (Katey Sagal, Amanda Bearse)


CK 0329 Nikita S3E18 (Maggie Q)


CK 0330 Nikita S3E20 (Melinda Clarke et al.)


CK 0331 Nash Bridges: “Home Invasion” (Wendolyn Lee et al.)


CK 0332 Nash Bridges: “Skirt Chasers” (Melora Walters)


CK 0333 След E111 (unknown)


CK 0334 Son of Zorro E3 (Peggy Stewart)


Aspe S1E5 (unknown)


CK 0336 Bread Crumbs (Kristina Klebe, Zoe Sloane)


CK 0337 Bread Crumbs (Marianne Hagan)


CK 0338 Family Guy: “Blue Harvest” (voice by Alex Borstein)


CK 0339 Duck Dodgers: “The Six Wazillion Dollar Duck” (voice by Amy Brassette)


CK 0340 Duck Dodgers: “Good Duck Hunting” (voice by Paget Brewster)


CK 0341 Mission Istaanbul: Darr Ke Aagey Jeet Hai! (Shriya Saran)


CK 0342 Ripper Street S2E3: “Become Man” (MyAnna Buring et al.)


CK 0343 Take a Letter Mr. Jones: “The Trade Fair” (Rula Lenska)


CK 0344 The Fanatic (Sharon Hughes)


CK 0345 The Fanatic (Caroline Munro)


CK 0346 The Fear Chamber (unknown)


CK 0347 The Fear Chamber (Eva Muller)


CK 0348 Seinfeld: “The Subway” (Barbara Stock)


CK 0349 Popeye – I Don’t Scare


CK 0350 Once Upon a Time S1E22 (Lana Parrilla)


CK 0351 Misfits S2E6 (Antonia Thomas, unknown)


CK 0352 Scarab (unknown)


CK 0353 The Adventures of Champion S1E21: “Andrew and the Deadly Double” (Mary Jane Saunders)


CK 0354 Elvira – Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Peterson)


CK 0355 Elvira’s Haunted Hills (Cassandra Peterson)


CK 0356 Elvira’s Haunted Hills (Cassandra Peterson, Mary Jo Smith, Mary Scheer)


CK 0357 Shoot to Kill (Kirstie Alley)


CK 0358 Shoot to Kill (Kirstie Alley)


CK 0359 Unlawful Entry (Madeleine Stowe)


CK 0360 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back (Louise Campbell)


CK 0361 Bulldog Drummond Escapes (Heather Angel)


CK 0362 Enter the Ninja (Susan George)


CK 0363 Land of the Blind (Lara Flynn Boyle)


CK 0364 Monster Island (Carmen Electra)


CK 0365 Monster Island (Alana Husband)


CK 0366 No Way Up (Amy Locane)


CK 0367 Clash of the Titans (Alexa Davalos)


CK 0368 Complex of Fear (Randi Lane, Farrah Forke)


CK 0369 Complex of Fear (unknown)


CK 0370 Carry On Cowboy (unknown)


CK 0371 Monster Man (Aimee Brooks)


CK 0372 Monster Man (Aimee Brooks)


CK 0373 Le Magnifique (Jacqueline Bisset)


CK 0374 Le Magnifique (Jacqueline Bisset)


CK 0375 Mannaja (unknown)


CK 0376 Mennesker mødes og sød musik opstår i hjertet (Harriet Andersson)


CK 0377 Miral (Ruba Blal, Freida Pinto)


CK 0378 Sky Pirates (Meredith Phillips)


CK 0379 The Simpsons S13E14: “Tales from the Public Domain” (voice by Yeardley Smith)


CK 0380 Plutonium Baby (Grace Desimone et al.)


CK 0381 Perception S1E3  (Jayme Lynn Evans)


CK 0382 The Phantom (Kristy Swanson)


CK 0383 Premonition (Sandra Bullock)


CK 0384 The Curse of King Tut’s Tomb (unknown)


CK 0385 The Crush (Amber Benson)


CK 0386 The Big Store (Virginia Grey)


CK 0387 The Baker (Kate Ashfield)


CK 0388 When Nature Calls (Tina Marie Staiano)


CK 0389 When Nature Calls (unknown, Barbara Marineau)


CK 0390 Wolf (Michelle Pfeiffer)


CK 0391 Wolf (Michelle Pfeiffer)


CK 0392 Il fiume del grande caimano (Barbara Bach)


CK 0393 The Astro Zombies (Barbara Richards, Joan Patrick)


CK 0394 5ive Girls (Amy Lalonde et al.)


CK 0395 5ive Girls (Amy Lalonde et al.)


CK 0396 The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother (Madeline Kahn)


CK 0397 The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother (Madeline Kahn)


CK 0398 Hard Hunted (Dona Speir)


CK 0399 House of the Devil (Jocelin Donahue)