CK 0000 – CK 0199



CK 0000-0049
CK 0050-0099
CK 0100-0149
CK 0150-0199




CK 0000 The Fall Guy: “Mighty Myron” (Heather Thomas)


CK 0001 Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (unknown)


CK 0002 RoboCop: “Sisters in Crime” (Andrea Roth, Yvette Nipar)


CK 0003 Betty Boop – Jack and the Beanstalk (voice by Ann Little)


CK 0004 Are You Being Served: “Is It Catching?” (Wendy Richard, Vivienne Johnson)


CK 0005 Moonraker (Lois Chiles)


CK 0006 Double Whoopee (Jean Harlow)


CK 0007 Are You Being Served: “Closed Circuit” (Wendy Richard, Vivienne Johnson)


CK 0008 Octopussy (Maud Adams)


CK 0009 Are You Being Served: “Conduct Unbecoming” (Wendy Richard, Candy Davis)


CK 0010 Shooter (Kate Mara)


CK 0011 Once Upon a Time S2E20 (Lana Parrilla)


CK 0012 Once Upon a Time S2E21: “Second Star to the Right” (Lana Parrilla)


CK 0013 Are You Being Served: “Take-over” (Penny Irving)


CK 0014 Burn Notice S6E9 (Gabrielle Anwar, Angelica Celaya)


CK 0015 RoboCop: “Trouble in Delta City” (Yvette Nipar)


CK 0016 Sgt Kabukiman NYPD (Susan Byun, unknown)


CK 0017 Sgt Kabukiman NYPD (Susan Byun, Shaler McClure et al.)


CK 0018 Are You Being Served: “The Agent” (Penny Irving, Vivienne Johnson)


CK 0019 Castle S5E18 (Cara Buono)


CK 0020 Mark of Zorro (Marguerite De La Motte)


CK 0021 American Horror Story S1E1 (Alexandra Breckenridge)


CK 0022 Are You Being Served: “Erotic Dreams of Mrs Slocombe” (Penny Irving, Vivienne Johnson)


CK 0023 Lust for Freedom (Adrian Scott, Melanie Coll)


CK 0024 Lust for Freedom (Melanie Coll, unknown)


CK 0025 Lust for Freedom (Melanie Coll, Elizabeth Carroll)


CK 0026 Are You Being Served: “Memories Are Made of This” (Candy Davis)


CK 0027 No Tell Motel (Chalie Howes)


CK 0028 My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Uma Thurman, Anna Faris)


CK 0029 My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Uma Thurman, Anna Faris)


CK 0030 My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Uma Thurman, Anna Faris)


CK 0031 RoboCop: “RoboCop Vs Commander Cash” (*Lisa Howard)


CK 0032 Saw VI (Caroline Cave et al.)


CK 0033 The Kenny Everett Television Show S3E3 (unknown)


CK 0034 An Amish Murder (Neve Campbell)


CK 0035 RoboCop: “Zone Five” (Yvette Nipar)


CK 0036 Are You Being Served: “Happy Returns” (Wendy Richard et al.)


CK 0037 Belle de Jour (Catherine Deneuve, Maria Latour, Francoise Fabian)


CK 0038 Belle de Jour (Catherine Deneuve, Francoise Fabian)


CK 0039 Belle de Jour (Catherine Deneuve, Maria Latour, Francoise Fabian)


CK 0040 Are You Being Served: “Mrs Slocombe Expects” (Wendy Richard, Pat Astley, unknown)


CK 0041 The Nanny: “Christmas Episode” (Fran Drescher)


CK 0042 Relic Hunter S1E7: “Transformation” (Roberta Angelica)


CK 0043 Are You Being Served: “Heir Apparent” (Debbie Linden)


CK 0044 The Nanny: “Imaginary Friend” (Fran Drescher, Cristine Rose)


CK 0045 Spider-Man 3 (unknown, Kirsten Dunst)


CK 0046 Spider-Man 3 (Kirsten Dunst)


CK 0047 On the Buses S2E3: “Self Defence” (Avril Gaynor, Ursula Mohan)


CK 0048 Are You Being Served: “Calling All Customers” (Candy Davis)


CK 0049 Special Inspector (Rita Hayworth)


CK 0050 Prison Break S1E11: “And Then There Was 7” (Robin Tunney)


CK 0051 Are You Being Served: “Monkey Business” (Candy Davis)


CK 0052 Are You Being Served: “Lost and Found” (Candy Davis)


CK 0053 Chuck S1E3: “Chuck Vs the Tango” (Yvonne Strahovski)


CK 0054 Chuck S1E13: “Chuck Vs the Marlin” (Yvonne Strahovski, Noureen DeWulf)


CK 0055 Chuck S1E2: “Chuck Vs the Helicopter” (Yvonne Strahovski)


CK 0056 Monty Python’s Flying Circus S2E2: “The Spanish Inquistion” (Carol Cleveland)


CK 0057 Resident Evil: Extinction (Milla Jovovich)


CK 0058 RoboCop: “Nano” (Yvette Nipar)


CK 0059 Chuck S1E9: “Chuck Versus the Imported Hard Salami” (Yvonne Strahovski)


CK 0060 Are You Being Served: “Grounds for Divorce” (Candy Davis)


CK 0061 The Mad Butcher (Franca Polesello)


CK 0062 Executive Target (Kathy Christopherson, unknown)


CK 0063 Executive Target (Kathy Christopherson, *Michele Colucci-Zieger)


CK 0064 Are You Being Served: “Goodbye, Mrs. Slocombe” (Wendy Richard)


CK 0065 Are You Being Served: “The Hold-up” (Wendy Richard)


CK 0066 Grace and Favour S1E1 (Joanne Heywood)


CK 0067 Are You Being Served: “Gambling Fever” (Candy Davis, Wendy Richard)


CK 0068 Rizzoli and Isles S3E2: “Dirty Little Secret” (Angie Harmon)


CK 0069 Red Rock West (Lara Flynn Boyle)


CK 0070 House at the End of the Street (Jordan Hayes, Jennifer Lawrence)



CK 0071 House at the End of the Street (Jennifer Lawrence)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


CK 0072 Peter Gunn: “A Penny Saved” (Joyce Vanderveen)


CK 0073 Are You Being Served: “The Night Club” (Candy Davis, Wendy Richard, Doremy Vernon)


CK 0074 Даша Васильева. Любительница частного сыска S?E? (unknown)


CK 0075 Nancy Drew (Emmy Roberts)


CK 0076 Are You Being Served: “Front Page Story” (Vivienne Johnson, Debbie Linden)


CK 0077 The Halfway House (Ashley Rhea, Monica Shere, Athena Demos)


CK 0078 The Halfway House (Stephanie Leighs, Janet Tracy Keijser)


CK 0079 Flash Gordon: “Planet of Death” (Irene Champlin)


CK 0080 Deadline (Nynne Bjerre Christensen)


CK 0081 American Horror Story S1E2 (Rosa Salazar, Connie Britton, Taissa Farmiga)


CK 0082 Are You Being Served: “Friends and Neighbours” (Candy Davis, Wendy Richard)


CK 0083 True Lies (Jamie Lee Curtis)


CK 0084 True Lies (Jamie Lee Curtis)


CK 0085 Hansel and Gretel (Stephanie Greco)


CK 0086 Hansel and Gretel (Stephanie Greco, Trish Coren)


CK 0087 Hansel and Gretel (Stephanie Greco, Sarah Fletcher)


CK 0088 Ginger (unknown)


CK 0089 Ginger (unknown)


CK 0090 Ginger (Cheri Caffaro)


CK 0091 Ginger (Cheri Caffaro)


CK 0092 The Two Ronnies: “Band of Slaves” (unknown)


CK 0093 The Two Ronnies: “Band of Slaves” (unknown)


CK 0094 The Two Ronnies: “Band of Slaves” (unknown)


CK 0095 Son of the Beach: “The Long Hot Johnson” (Jamie Bergman, Leila Arcieri, Kimberly Oja)


CK 0096 Desperately Seeking Susan (Madonna)


CK 0097 Resident Evil: Afterlife (Ali Larter)


CK 0098 The Lady Vanishes (Catherine Lacey)


CK 0099 At Risk (Andie MacDowell)


CK 0100 Ghoulies IV (Stacie Randall, Raquel Krelle)


CK 0101 Ghoulies IV (Raquel Krelle)


CK 0102 Александровский сад S1E4 (unknown)


CK 0103 The Vampire Diaries S3E12: “The Ties That Bind” (Nina Dobrev, Persia White)


CK 0104 RoboCop: “Mother’s Day” (unknown)


CK 0105 En Nombre del Amor S?E? (unknown)


CK 0106 Карпов E27 (unknown)


CK 0107 Карпов E27 (unknown)


CK 0108 След E32 (unknown)


CK 0109 Elvira’s Movie Macabre (Cassandra Peterson)


CK 0110 Elvira’s Movie Macabre (Cassandra Peterson)


CK 0111 Elvira’s Movie Macabre (Cassandra Peterson)


CK 0112 Elvira’s Movie Macabre (Cassandra Peterson)


CK 0113 Elvira’s Movie Macabre (Cassandra Peterson)


CK 0114 Elvira’s Movie Macabre (Cassandra Peterson)


CK 0115 De Taali (Rimi Sen, Ayesha Takia)


CK 0116 Peter Gunn: “Death Is a Sore Loser” (unknown)


CK 0117 Are You Being Served: “It Pays to Advertise” (Penny Irving, Wendy Richard, Vivienne Johnson)


CK 0118 Are You Being Served: “The Club” (Vivienne Johnson et al.)


CK 0119 Tales from the Crypt: “Mute Witness to Murder” (Patricia Clarkson)


CK 0120 Tales from the Crypt: “Mute Witness to Murder” (Patricia Clarkson)


CK 0121 RoboCop: “Inside Crime” (Marla Sucharetza)


CK 0122 RoboCop: “Corporate Raiders” (unknown)


CK 0123 RoboCop: “Midnight Minus One” (Sherry Miller, unknown)


CK 0124 Are You Being Served: “The Junior” (Penny Irving, Vivienne Johnson)


CK 0125 The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes S2E6


CK 0126 The Strange and Deadly Occurrence (Margaret Willock)


CK 0127 The Detectives: “What the Butler Saw” (Jerry Hall)


CK 0128 “AIDS spot” (unknown)


CK 0129 The Abbott and Costello Show S2E6: “Killer’s Wife” (Mary Beth Hughes)


CK 0130 Dadnapped (Emily Osment, Nenetzi Scott)


CK 0131 Dadnapped (Emily Osment)


CK 0132 Desperately Seeking Susan (Rosanna Arquette, Madonna)


CK 0133 Ruthless People (Bette Midler)


CK 0134 Ruthless People (Anita Morris)


CK 0135 Josie and the Pussycats (Missi Pyle, Rosario Dawson, Tara Reid, Parker Posey)


CK 0136 The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear (Priscilla Presley)


CK 0137 Werewolf Shadow (Gaby Fuchs)


CK 0138 The New Statesman: “Live from Westminster” (unknown)


CK 0139 Xena Warrior Princess: “Warrior, Princess, Tramp” (Lucy Lawless, Renée O’Connor)


CK 0140 Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens tegn (Anna Bergman)


CK 0141 Agent 69 Jensen i Skorpionens tegn (Anna Bergman)


CK 0142 The Three Musketeers


CK 0143 The Three Musketeers


CK 0144 Deadline (unknown)


CK 0145 Grace and Favour S2E2 (Joanne Heywood et al.)


CK 0146 Grace and Favour S2E5 (Joanne Heywood)


CK 0147 Weeds S8E2:  “A Beam of Sunshine” (unknown)


CK 0148 Weeds S8E2:  “A Beam of Sunshine” (Kat Foster)


CK 0149 Tales from the Crypt: “The Thing from the Grave” (Teri Hatcher)


CK 0150 Prison Break S1E3: “Cell Test” (Adina Porter)


CK 0151 Thomas Skovs sportsprogram: “Roller derby” (Le Gammeltoft)


CK 0152 Batman S1E24: “Give ’em the Axe”


CK 0153 Night Court S9E18: “To Sir With… Ah, What the Heck… Love”


CK 0154 Frankenstein: Day of the Beast


CK 0155 Help! (Eleanor Bron)


CK 0156 Night Court S9E21: “Opportunity Knock Knocks, Part 2” (unknown)


CK 0157 Chuck S5E8: “Chuck Vs. the Baby” (Yvonne Strahovski)


CK 0158 Deadline (Camilla Thorning)


CK 0159 American Horror Story S1E3 (Alexandra Breckenridge, Abbie Cobb)


CK 0160 Animal House


CK 0161 Animal House


CK 0162 Are You Being Served: “Shedding the Load”


CK 0163 Are You Being Served: “A Bliss Girl” (Vivienne Johnson et al.)


CK 0164 Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (Kim Wall, Pamela Springsteen)


CK 0165 Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends S1E9: “Spidey Goes to Hollywood” (unknown)


CK 0166 Sleepaway Camp III: Teenage Wasteland (Pamela Springsteen, Sonya Maddox, Tracy Griffith)


CK 0167 Michael Shayne S1E13: “Murder in Wonderland” (Patricia Donahue)


CK 0168 Revenge S1E22: “Reckoning” (Emily VanCamp)


CK 0169 Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S1E1: “Pilot”


CK 0170 Deadline (Nynne Bjerre Christensen)


CK 0171 Carry On Camping (Barbara Windsor et al.)


CK 0172 2001: A Space Travesty (Ophélie Winter)


CK 0173 2001: A Space Travesty (Ophélie Winter)


CK 0174 Alphas S2E3: “Alpha Dogs” (Erin Wray)


CK 0175 Steel Trap (Joanna Bobin, Julia Ballard, Georgia Mackenzie)


CK 0176 9½ Ninjas (Andee Gray)


CK 0177 9½ Ninjas (Andee Gray)


CK 0178 9½ Ninjas (Andee Gray)


CK 0179 Noi donne siamo fatte cosi’ (Monica Vitti)


CK 0180 The New Statesman: “Fatal Extraction” (unknown)


CK 0181 Foxy Brown (Pam Grier)


CK 0182 Bless the Child (Kim Basinger)


CK 0183 Revolution S1E8: “Ties That Bind” (Alyssa Diaz)


CK 0184 Batman S1E28: “The Pharaoh’s in a Rut” (Ziva Rodann)


CK 0185 Águila Roja S5E14


CK 0186 Batman S1E29: “The Bookworm Turns” (Francine York)


CK 0187 Batman S1E30: “While Gotham City Burns” (Francine York)


CK 0188 Счастливых вместе E184 (Natalya Bochkareva, Yulia Zaharova)


CK 0189 Spider-Man 2 (Kirsten Dunst)


CK 0190 The Further Adventures of Tennessee Buck (Kathy Shower)


CK 0191 The New Statesman: “Three Line Whipping” (Judith Hibbert)


CK 0192 Three Days of the Condor (Faye Dunaway)


CK 0193 The Sphinx (Sheila Terry)


CK 0194 The Uncanny (Susan Penhaligon)


CK 0195 The Uncanny (Catherine Bégin, Samantha Eggar)


CK 0196 Ritual (Jennifer Grey)


CK 0197 Champagnegalopp (Sue Longhurst)


CK 0198 Champagnegalopp (Sue Longhurst)


CK 0199 Champagnegalopp (Sue Longhurst)