This site pays tribute to the distressed damsels of popular culture – as seen on TV, in movies, advertising, comics etc – through clips, vidcaps and scans. And since I’m nuts about ladies in hosiery, you’ll also find a lot of pantyhose and stockings content here.

The blog has been around since 2010 – first on WordPress, then on Blogspot, then on WordPress again. My collection so far consists of roughly 2000 clips with corresponding vidcaps, named “CK 0001”, “CK 0002”, and so on. You’ll find indexes to these files with info on actresses and TV show/movie titles here on the blog.

I can be contacted at captainkidnap@gmail.com.

Besides being a DiDclipper, I am also a hobbyist fetish/damsel in distress artist available for commissions. Check out my deviantART gallery for 600+ free drawings.

Feel free to write in my guestbook. I enjoy hearing from fellow DiDsters.

I also have a tumblr where I mainly reblog DiD stuff from other bloggers.

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