Vidcaps not showing

As you have probably noticed, a lot of the vidcaps on the blog have suddenly disappeared. The reason is that recently blocked any new picture uploads, and it seems that now they have shut down their service for good. I used for nearly all my blog posts and I don’t particularly want to edit all of the 2500 posts again as I upload vidcaps to a new host. So at the moment I’m not sure what to do about the problem – but I will continue posting, don’t worry. Until I figure out what to do, I’m afraid you’ll have to live with the missing vidcaps.


2 thoughts on “Vidcaps not showing

  1. Alex says:

    Hi, beside thumbnails not showing every link I received the last days lead to a ‘Oops Page not found’ place. Something seems to be broken.

    Besides, I really appreciate the great work you are doing.


    • captainkidnap says:

      Hey, Alex! The “page not found” error occurs because I have a lot of drafted posts that are scheduled to be posted automatically in December and January. Whenever they are published, I delete them (because they no longer contain any vidcaps and because I want the “My tumblr” post to remain the top post on the blog) and post the content on my tumblr blog instead. So when you get the “page not found”, it’s because I’ve already deleted the post and moved it to tumblr.


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