Captivating contributions, 25

This super-rare damsel in distress clip from an Italian spy production, AGENTE SEGRETO 777 – OPERAZIONE MISTERO (1965), was sent to me by blog follower Ordemoluc who also kindly gave me permission to post it here.

It’s smashing material: A damsel (perhaps Mary Young who’s listed in the role of “Professor’s Daughter” on imdb) is knocked out by a fiend who proceeds to remove her shoes and lift up her skirt to reveal a pair of elegant stockings and suspenders – only, as it turns out, to strip them off her and tie up her feet and hands with them. For someone who enjoys hosiery and bondage, this seems like a sensible thing to do. Later on, she wakes up on the floor, still tied and now also gagged, and squirms her way towards a ringing phone.

Big thanks to Ordemoluc for sharing and to Mandrake (see comment below) who skillfully tracked down the film and edited this clip together.

agentesgreto777operazionemistero.flv (picture is distorted during the first 5-10 seconds of the clip)  


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