Meia-Noite Levarei Sua Alma (Valeria Vasquez)

“Coffin” Joe, an undertaker in a small village, has had enough of the religious hypocrisy of his fellow villagers. He’s also very dissatisfied that his beautiful wife, Lenita, is unable to give him a son, because Coffin Joe has come to the conclusion that the continuity of blood and life – especially his own – is the only thing that matters. Showing his sadistic nature, he hatches a plan to get rid of his wife so that he can substitute her for one of his friends’ wives. The loving, unsuspecting wife greets her husband, telling him she’s sorry about their argument earlier, and that she wants to make him happy. Your wish shall be granted, Joe ominously replies just before chloroforming her. He ties and gags Lenita, leaving a poisonous spider to do the cruel deed. When the doctor arrives, he puts on his sad face and pretends it was an accident.

CK 1374


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