Captivating contributions, 21

This interesting contribution is courtesy of blog follower Florentina. Presumably it comes from part 34 of TIAN XIA TAI PING, a 40 episode Korean serial from 2005. Here’s the description from

“This is an ancient story which takes place at an unspecified time, during an unclear age and in an indistinct dynasty. Shang Tian Bao is an incapable emperor who’s ordered by the Empress Dowager to take a leave of absence. He disguises himself as an ordinary citizen and goes to a so-called ‘Peaceful Town’ in Jiangnan, which is actually not peaceful at all due to corruption and conspiracy. Tian Bao’s younger sister Shang Tian Bei is a spoiled and mischievous princess who escapes from the palace in search of her brother and disguises herself as a man. She meets and gets help from the kind-hearted Kong Long and his buddies along the way.”

The pretty heroine spends the night in prison, mocked by her cruel captor, and is subsequently taken to the execution place in a cage, and trussed up in rope.

Big thanks to Florentina for tracking down and editing this rare scene, and not least for donating it, of course.

Please note: You’ll find these clips in the “CONTRIBUTIONS” folder. Check the blog’s menu for links.



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