Von Ryan’s Express, 1 (Raffaella Carrà)

During WWII, British and American prisoners escape from an Italian camp and capture a Nazi train. A beautiful Italian brunette passenger is tied and gagged whenever the train stops at a station so she doesn’t alert the enemy soldiers.

CK 0585


7 thoughts on “Von Ryan’s Express, 1 (Raffaella Carrà)

  1. Bound-Black-Girl Lover says:

    One of my FAVORITE d.v.d.'s!
    I just LOVED “Raffi” with the thick, muffling gag
    and the white cotton button-front shirt unbuttoned
    at the neck deeply enough to show cleavage
    (especially when she is twisting and turning
    trying to escape) [you SHOULD HAVE shown one
    of THOSE shots!]
    Unfortunately, she gets shot and killed trying to escape!


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