Batman S1E29 & S1E30 (Francine York)

The Bookworm’s curvaceous lady friend, Lydia Limpet (Francine York), tries to deceive a certain Dynamic Duo by playing the damsel in distress, but ends up handcuffed in these lovely scenes from BATMAN the 60’s series. Episodes THE BOOKWORM TURNS and WHILE GOTHAM CITY BURNS.

“Gosh, Batman… those look like honest eyes!”
“Ah… never trust the old chestnut ‘crooks have beady little eyes’… it’s false.”

CK 0186 (Limpet tied, gagged in a Bookmobile, knocked out by Bat spray, wearing red)
CK 0187 (Limpet handcuffed, wearing black)

CK 0186:

CK 0187:


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