Damselcollector, 1

Imagine you had bondage superstars such as Carissa Montgomery, Kendra James, or ChiChi Medina gagged and tied at your mercy. Then imagine they were wearing sexy stayups or pantyhose, a firm rope holding their legs in place so they couldn’t move an inch…

What would you do? Well, the nefarious Damselcollector is seldom in doubt! Being an incorrigible foot fetishist, he removes their shoes and subjects the unfortunate damsels to a terribly humiliating tickling and sniffing ordeal!

Damselcollector knows what he likes – which also happen to be two of the things I like best, namely bondage and nylons. So I was thrilled when he gave me green light to post his sexy pics here on my blog. Be sure to visit his deviantART gallery for more sexy foot fetish fun and info!

Damselcollector at deviantART
Damselcollector’s clips store

Let’s kick off with the helplessly bound ChiChi Medina, gagged and waiting for her wicked captor to arrive…

Picture posted with permission.


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