Horrific aka Totem (Marissa Tait, Sacha Spencer, Alicia Lagano)

This one required a little detective work. I grabbed it from HORRIFIC, a 2005 compilation film from Full Moon containing three mini-stories re-edited (and re-named) from previously released Full Moon films: CRYPT OF THE UNDEAD, TERROR OF VISION, and MASTERS OF DEATH. In the latter – the source of the clip – “six teenagers have been chosen to be a part of a terrifying ritual – three destined to be killers and three destined to be the victims – unholy sacrifices that will awaken the sleeping masters”. There was no information regarding the title of the original film that was re-edited into the compilation segment MASTERS OF DEATH, but thanks to the review site fullmoonrevs.blogspot.com I was able to identify it as TOTEM, a 1999 direct-to-video movie.

CK 1984


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