The Ladies Man (Sylvia Lewis)

A strange, symbolic dance routine takes place when geeky, shy Herbert Heebert (Jerry Lewis) enters the forbidden room in the ladies’ house at the end of THE LADIES MAN. He finds the extremely curvaceous Sylvia Lewis suspended upside down from the ceiling in a revealing catsuit (we only see the rope falling down, not the actress tied). The words “Hi honey” emanate from her red lips, whereupon she proceeds to chase Herbert around the all-white room while doing her sensuous, jazzy dance.

Clip two is a few minutes of behind the scenes material where Lewis falls in love with the Sylvia’s shapely legs.

CK 1993 (weird dance)
CK 1994 (behind the scenes)


One thought on “The Ladies Man (Sylvia Lewis)

  1. Andre The Toon Man says:

    Don't think I ever saw that Jerry Lewis movie. But I do recognize the bandleader. That's trumpeter Harry James. Who first came to national prominence as a member of Benny Goodman's band back in the 1930's. I do like that shot on the stairs of those high heeled feet and legs!


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