McLeod’s Daughters: “Jack of All Shades” (Bridie Carter, Simmone Mackinnon)

In one of the few DiD scenes involving restraints from this TV show, Bridie Carter has her hands and feet tied by a con-man and is left in the nursery, gagged with a white cloth. An already pleasant scene becomes even better as she is joined by Simmone Mackinnon who comes to investigate the noise from Bridie’s hopping about and gets the same treament by the con-man, except that her feet are tied with a phone-cord. The duo squirms and wiggles for a while, until Simmone manages to ungag herself and – in a nice bit of damsel-to-damsel intimacy – removes Bridie’s gag with her teeth. They both keep the cloth-gags hanging around their necks for a good while after they have untied themselves.

CK 0659


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