At Risk (Andie MacDowell)

This is an awesome scene, with excellent struggling and plenty of wide-eyed looks, from the thriller AT RISK, based on Patricia Cornwell’s book.

Monique Lamont (Andie MacDowell) plays a popular crime writer who decides to investigate a 35 year old rape case. Someone isn’t too happy about that, however. A young man sneaks up behind her and threatens her with a knife in front of the garage. She is dragged into her apartment and thrown on the bed. He then cuts up some pantyhose from her drawer and uses the bits to tie her hands and feet and even gag her. It may not be the world’s most effective gag, but it sure looks nice. Things take a turn for the worse when the intruder appears with a can of gasoline, but of course Andie survives the ordeal.

CK 0099


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