The army’s girlfriend

At the height of her popularity, Jane was known and loved by millions of readers among the allied forces where her racy comic book adventures boosted morale in the wartime period to such a degree that Churchill once referred to her as as “Britain’s secret weapon”. Not many young people today have heard of her, perhaps, but Jane was among the greatest cartoon successes of the 20th Century. The prime reason being her tendency to lose her clothes in the most unfortunate of circumstances again and again.

To my knowledge, Jane has been the subject of two motion pictures. An utterly terrible 1949 version that maintains none of the strip’s racy charm, but does have great-looking DVD cover artwork. And a 1987 production that still doesn’t quite do justice to the cartoon’s saucyness but does succeed in being considerably more entertaining than the 40’s film:

Besides flashing her lingerie, Jane sometimes ended up in perilous predicaments in the original strip. Here are a few examples from a story where she has gone undercover as an army canteen girl in order to locate a spy.


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