District 13, 2 (Dany Verissimo)

Continued from previous post. Lola is now the captive plaything of Taha who is keeping her constantly drugged, collared and wearing a trashy outfit. In the finale, she is handcuffed on the roof of a warehouse, still half-drugged and chained to a pillar – next to a missile launcher! And when the cavalry finally arrives, the rescuers start fighting each other. Great shots of Verissimo’s stockinged foot (she’s lost one of her heels) as she reaches for a petrol can with her legs.

CK 0310


2 thoughts on “District 13, 2 (Dany Verissimo)

  1. wayne says:

    admin,can you help edit this scene please?

    1.Hardi Pardaillan! 1964 Valerie Lagrange cleave gag https://my.mail.ru/bk/garuss/video/5745/248022.html start 1:24:21

    2.Chevalier de Pardaillan 1962 Michele Grellier cleave gag https://my.mail.ru/bk/garuss/video/211345/211438.html

    3.Silver Chalice 1954 Pier Angeli detective gag Virginia Mayo no gag

    4.I moschettieri del mare / Musketeers of the Sea (1962) Pier Angeli otm gag https://my.mail.ru/mail/armog68/video/12240/33360.html start at near end of film.


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