District 13, 1 (Dany Verissimo)

I bought DISTRICT 13 (2004), an energetic French action movie with a political twist, solely because I read the entry on Brian’s Page. Dany Verissimo’s peril scene is superb. But I also found the movie itself rather engaging. Give it a try if you happen to find a copy!

I removed the subs, so a brief summary for those who want to know what’s going on:

In a walled-in ghetto in Paris, 2010, Leïto fights back against the neighbourhood drug-lord Taha. In this first clip, Taha is being held at gunpoint by Leïto, who has managed to make a surprise entrance through the window, when the drug-lord’s henchman brings in Leïto’s sister, Lola (Verissimo). She snatches the gun from her captor’s hand and with Taha as shield brother and sister make their escape from the building… with Lola pausing to stuff her panties (!) in the mouth of a henchman who made a frisky remark on them earlier. When they get to the police department, matters take a surprising turn.

CK 0309


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