Two Guys from Muck (Jill St. John)

According to, TWO GUYS FROM MUCK was a 1981 TV show which chronicled “The misadventures of Louie and Buzz, photojournalists for ‘Muck’, a cheap, Los Angeles-based, weekly magazine whose policy is not only to inform, but to give readers what they want – muck“. It starred Jill St. John but there is no mention of it on her imdb page, and, in fact, there is no mention of the TV show whatsoever on imdb.

Maybe a pilot episode was aired; at the very least a promo for it exists and shows Jill looking sexy as hell, rope-tied and over-the-mouth gagged with white cloth. Any further information on this pilot would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to the YouTube uploader! Not my work.

Two Guys from Muck promo (Jill St. John).mp4


2 thoughts on “Two Guys from Muck (Jill St. John)

  1. Steve says:

    It most certainly was aired. I think the heroes worked for a newspaper or something. Both scenes above are in the show. Notoriously bad; supposedly the top network exec, upon seeing a private screening, exclaimed “what is this shit!”

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