Así es la vida, 1 (unknown)

There’s sexy group-carrying of an unconscious, stilettoed woman to be found in this clip from ASÍ ES LA VIDA, emailed to me by a blog follower. There are several TV shows of this name and I’m not sure which one of them this scene hails from, but according to the contributor each episode of the show featured a different story with different actors – so maybe that can work as a clue to those of you who would like to seek out the scene in its entirety.

Scene description from the contributor: “… basically theres jealousy going on here from a wife who thinks her man is into this girl. The grandma drops a potted plant on her head from 2nd floor and this is the aftermath of them trying to carry her to a bed. Theres more, I seem to have lost from this including the wake-up and re-pass out. She’s in hose in the bed with shoes off.

One more clip from this episode coming up.

CK 0274


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