Счастливых вместе E184 (Natalya Bochkareva, Yulia Zaharova)

A friend of mine pointed my attention to this Russian version of MARRIED… WITH CHILDREN, my all-time favourite sit-com. When I asked her if the Russian version was as good as the American one, she replied that it was “just as awful”. I swear, some people have no taste.

Anyway, the Russian version is titled Счастливых вместе or SCHASTLIVY VMESTE, but let’s just stick to the international title HAPPY TOGETHER for convenience’s sake. The show copies the plots from the original US series without too many changes. Instead of Bundy, the family is named Bukin.

The clip below is from E184 and contains the only scene involving tied up damsels I have found in the show so far (I’ll be posting a whole lot of pantyhose content from the show, though).

CK 0188


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