Stuck on You (Virginia Penta, Barbie Kielian)

Recently, independent movie production company Troma posted a number of their films for free viewing on YouTube. You can click here to check out their videos. One of the films made available is STUCK ON YOU (1982), a crazy comedy spotlighting relations between men and women through the ages. Here are a couple of stocking clips from that film.

In the first one, Carol (Virginia Penta) agress to dress herself up as a maid while her wimpy husband’s mom is visiting. In the second, the Judge at Family Court shows Carol and Bill a historical film (!) of Napoleon’s wife Josephine (Barbie Kielian) having some fun behind her husband’s back. Josephine is briefly seen again in a dream segment at the end of the film.

“Bill… Carol… trust is a very unusual thing. It’s like earmuffs on a cantaloupe.”

CK 2320 (maid)
CK 2321 (Napoleon’s wife)


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