I Know Who Killed Me, 1 (Lindsay Lohan)

Lindsay Lohan plays Aubrey Fleming, a high school student who mysteriously disappears. Later, when she is found unconscious in the woods, she insists that her name is Dakota Moss. According to imdb, the serial killer film I KNOW WHO KILLED ME “held the record for most Razzie Award “wins” by one film in a single year, with eight awards including Worst Picture of 2007″. This honour may have something to do with the unexpectedly nasty torture scenes in the movie. I’ve edited out the gory bits from this clip, but be aware that this is still unpleasant material.

CK 2228


2 thoughts on “I Know Who Killed Me, 1 (Lindsay Lohan)

  1. David says:

    I always wonder how this kind of film,can be classed as entertainment.Yes,it's great to see a pretty girl bound and gagged,and in the bad guys clutches.In peril,yes:but the girl should always be saved from harm.How some people find this film entertaining,is beyond me.


  2. captainkidnap says:

    Well, I guess horror films have always been a special sort of entertainment. Personally, I'm fine with women (and men) being killed off in horror films, but I saw no point to the lengthy and unnecessarily explicit torture scenes in this movie. As far as DID content goes, I much prefer the old damsel in railroad tie variety.


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