Damsels in distress, pantyhose, stockings…

… if this sounds appealing to you, you’ve come to the right place.


This site pays tribute to the distressed damsels of popular culture – as seen on TV, in movies, advertising, comics etc – through clips, vidcaps and scans. You’ll also find a lot of nylon content here.


The blog has been around since 2010 – first on WordPress, then on Blogspot, then on WordPress again, and now on tumblr.


My personal collection of “didclips” so far consists of 2500+ clips with corresponding vidcaps, named “CK 0000”, “CK 0001”, and so on.


The vidcaps are posted on tumblr – along with any other damsel in distress and nylon related content which isn’t part of my “CK” collection. Since tumblr doesn’t offer a “search” function, I have decided to use this WordPress blog as an index.


My video clips themselves are stored in Dropbox folders. You can also find links to my vidcaps – bundled for convenient downloading.


I can be contacted at captainkidnap@gmail.com.



VIDCAPS BLOG: http://captainkidnap.tumblr.com/

INDEX BLOG: https://damselcatcher.wordpress.com/



Check out my deviantART gallery for free bondage drawings by yours truly: